Wednesday, September 27, 2006

It's all about me right now

Received a call last week from my little sister Crystal. She can't concentrate on anything but Crystal right now. She has been talking about how she wants HOT pictures of herself on her motorcycle for some time now. She is recently divorced and loving herself again. She has lost all of her marriage weight and is looking good.

Crystal---"Hi Becky, I'm so excited. I got my pictures taken professionally with my bike. I look sooo hot. I had the photographer put them on a disc for me. I'm over at Chris's now and he is uploading them to send to you. You can pick out the one you like and I will give it to you for Christmas."

Me ---- "Hi. BTW, I'm doing fine. "

Crystal -- "Oh yeh, You're doing alright, huh? I want you to send these pictures to Lori so she can paint my picture."

Me --- "Crystal, Lori has been, and is a little busy. Her Dad has been ill, she has been driving up here every weekend to see him and take care of some of his business. And with Rachie and all plus all her other projects, she is pretty overwhelmed."

Crystal --- "Oh, How's Rachie doing? Is she alright? Has Lori found out anything?"

Me thinking ---"Well, I guess it's not all about her with Rachie. She is genuinenly concerned"

Me --- "Rachie is doing better. But Lori is still waiting to find out more."

Crystal --- "I'm praying for her....Anyway, Lori can get to it when she has time. I want her to paint the picture of me riding down the road with Angels around me. Did you get them yet? Are you at your computer?"

Me --- "No, not yet."

Crystal --- "How about now? Chris, are you sure you sent them to the right email address? "

Chris --- "Crystal, there are 12 proofs. It may take a while."

Crystal --- "How about now? Did you get them? Well, call me when you get them."

Our Crystal is not always so tunnel visioned. If anyone is causing you pain in your life and you let her know...She will hunt them down and kick their ass! Oh, yes, Crystal can kick some serious ass. She is a tough little momma and is protective as hell. DON'T mess with HER family!!! I'm scared to death to tell her about the crazy lady that Lori is trying to get out of her Dad's house. Believe me, she would go over and drag that woman out kicking and screaming by the hair.

When we were younger, I never got into any fights. Yes, my LITTLE sister would get her crazy on and whup some ass or make it perfectly clear she would. All, would back off scared as hell.

I would do the same for her. Crystal and I have bond no one can break. We have been through hell together and survived, back to back, fighting, fending off all the evil that came to us when we were children and well into early adulthood. We graduated with honors from the school of hard knocks and are now strong, independent women that can handle almost any boulders or road blocks that get in our way...ain't no mountain high enough, ain't no valley low enough.....

I love you Crissy... And sista, you DO look hot! Ride that motorcycle with your Angels above and around. Don't let anything get in your way. If they do, I GOT your back.


beckyboop said...

Blogger spell check kinda mucked up some of my words. I'm not changing it. I'm tired.You all will understand what I mean...

Rain said...

marriage weight? interesting, is marriage a weight upon us? that causes us to gain weight?

I know what you mean, when someone is single they get tunnel vision. that or marriage weight I guess.

fineartist said...

Oh man Beck, the second one looks just like YOU! No sh*t. And I think the third one looks sort of like me.

Now, how am I supposed to paint her riding with angles all around and over her if she didn't give me any shots of her riding in profile?

I know, I'm supposed to whip it up in my head first and then whoop it out on canvas...I will someday, hopefully soon, things will settle down to a more manageable pace around this ranch, please God/Goddess.

I do want to paint Crysy, hell I really want to paint you too, I have one started of you but it looks so damn much like Rachy, that she thought it was her so I said,

ah, yah honey it's you...

then she said, well it sort a looks like aunt Becky to me.

I should never tell fibs, they always come back on me.

Do NOT tell Crysy about crazy chick, that's all I need, to have to bail her out of jail. I really love her for wanting to protect me though, and you too, but you girls are supposed to let me take care of you, not the other way around. I always manage to figure out what to do, even if it does take me f-o-r-e-v-e-r, or what seems like forever.

You do have an unbreakable bond, and no matter how much you bump heads at times, you still come up knot headed and lovin' each other.

Sisters, and we have been blessed with bunches of 'em.

This sounds really sappy, soapy, and goonie too but if I didn't have you guys on this earth with me, well, I think I'd bail off the side of it. What I'm trying to say is you make my world a better place to be in, and you always have.

Crysy got her groove on, oh yah, and she does look reeeow, HOT, hell she's on fire.

love, Lori

Sassy said...

This post has inspired me to write about my sister. It also has inspired me to look hot, dammit! hehehe

I really like her pictures. I need a bike. However, I wouldn't be able to touch the ground. :( And if I did touch the ground I'd sooo hit a tree!

Love ya, Becky!

pearl said...

she is a beautiful i said on sassys post, i wish i had a sister *sigh*

man, i want my picture painted!!!*whines*

fineartist said...

Tell three D happy birthday from auntie Lori, Sampsonator and the rest of my motly crew.

Smooches and stuff, Lori

Sarah said...

I love the way you told this. It was hilarious. The series of photo-shoot pictures featured in line with the dialogue... you had me crackin' up. It's so good to have humour when it's sometimes easy to get frustrated or annoyed with someone.

I'm frequently guilty of that with my dad. I could learn a lesson from you.

But I could pick up on Crystal's sincere excitement and enthusiasm about her new pics and new life from your story. And that makes me happy for her; that she's feeling good about herself. Especially after a big life changing event like dispelling marriage weight. That is a good term to use figuratively and literally!

Man, I wish I had a sister. Especially one who would kick ass for me :o)

Sir James E. Watkins said...

She sounds great. Real cool.

Yeah. I know that school.

And they know they me.

oh. and you're cool too.

I know what it's like to make through hell, and, well, just breath in the fact that I'm still alive.

later. becky boo.

~ James

Kath in the Country said...

Change is good, they say. Why is it so hard for me,then?

Happy for your sista, and enjoyed your post.

Thanks for checking in on me, too, B-Boop. It's always nice to see a comment from you.

Holly said...

That second photo does look a lot like you, Becky. I love genetics, they're so amazing. And so are you, and your wonderful sisters!

Becky, I know you're my proxy mama, but you're also my sister and friend, and proxy mama, all rolled into one.

I love you.

Kelley Bell said...

Send Crystal and Loris crazy lady to give some sh*t to that wierdo Revrend Phelps.

He and his fag hating protesters have moved on from picketing soldier funerals, to picketing the funeral of those little Amish girls that got killed in the school house shooting last week.

Apparently, they think God wants them to harrass the Amish because the pshcyo killer was a pedophile, (and in Amity, Peodophile means gay, you know.)

Writer Mom said...

Another sister!!

(She looks like Princess Leia in Return of the Jedi. Hot hot hot!)

Writer Mom said...

Crap. Didn't read Kelley Bell's comment. What a stupid follow up comment.
Sorry. Can't believe there were protestors at the Amish funerals.
I'm feeling quite sick.