Saturday, September 16, 2006

Me me me me - My things list

Zilla tagged me. Sorry it took so long Z. Here goes...

1. Things that scare me

*public speaking (my biggest fear)
*falling down stairs
*walking around with a booger hanging out my nose
*walking around with something stuck in my teeth
*toilet paper stuck to my shoe

2.People who make me laugh

*My son
*My husband
*My friends at work
*Oh hell, I laugh all the time, it gets me through

3.Things I hate the most

*Mean people
*bitchy people who take it out on others (mean people)
*rules that are stupid
*pee on a toilet seat
*doing dishes

4.Things I don't understand

*mean people
*religious fanatics
*people who do the same stupid things over and over expecting different results and whining about it
*people with pointless agendas
*the stock market

5.Things I'm doing right now

*drinking a coke
*thinking about taking a pain pill
*wondering what the hell to write

6.Things I want to do before I die

*Have a grand baby
*Go to Europe
*win the lottery
*lose 30 pounds
*quit smoking
*exercise regularly
*learn how to belly dance

7. Things I can do

*Ride a motorcycle
*talk to the animals
*raise hell
*have fun
*multi task
*pop my hips in and out of joint
*love and laugh
*I can bring home the bacon, fry it up in a pan

8.Ways to describe my personality

*Over bearing
*frickin' sweet and don't you forget it!
*bleeding heart liberal
* a little crazy

9.Things I can't do

*Change the oil in my car
*keep my mouth shut

10.Things I think you should listen to

*A storm
*your kids
*all laughter
*advice (take it or leave it)
*The Blues

11.Things you should never listen to

*Country music
*drug addicts asking for money
*Rush Limbaugh (spelling?)
*Religious fanatics
*Jehovah's Witnesses

12.Things I'd like to learn

*how to back a trailer
*belly dancing
*the stock market

13.Favorite foods

*All vegetables except hominy

14.Beverages I drink regularly

*Vodka and cranberry juice (maybe once a week)

15.Shows I watched as a kid

*Dark Shadows
*The Sixth Sense
*Scooby Doo (love Scooby, he makes me smile)
*Gilligan's Island
*The Munsters
*The Partridge Family
*The Brady Bunch
*All in the Family

On a scale of 1 to 10, was this mildly entertaining?

I tag, Ariel, Pearl, and Kelley Bell


Cheryl said...

Overbearing, anal and bitchy? Obsessive?

I dont believe it.

Love your answers! (except those 4...)

fineartist said...

No sweetie, you are not overbearing, you are aggressive when you need to be, but not overbearing.

You are NOT bitchy, nope, never.

You ARE fun, funny, witty, and you can tell a story, any story, with articulation, excitement and laughter. I can't think of anyone who can tell a story, in person quite like you can. Nope, no one.

Loving, yes you are.

You really have a spirit of gentle, kind love, but you don't waste it on people who don't deserve it. Them you pretty much shoot straight; you tell 'em how it is, how it really is, honestly and without bullshit. You don't take any bullshit either. I admire that about you. Wish I were more like you in this respect.

I want to go to Europe with you when you go, and Alaska, we'll stay with Marian, and man will we make memories.

Okay, so you are anal/obsessive, like me, okay, maybe not as anal/obsessive as I am...from my observations here are the things that you are anal/obsessive about, taking care of your family, keeping your poop in a pile, your animals, paying your bills, and when we were in college, making a's. All things that I am obsessive about too. Not bad things to be focused on really, so keep on obsessing.

I'll have to tell you later about the ordeal at dad's last night, it wasn't pretty.

I've made up my mind, if she's still there the next time I go, and there is every indication that she will be, then I am going to hot line her. Say some prayers about the situation okay?

Lovey, lovey, Snooks

Sassy said...

The Munsters rock! Love your list :)

pearl said...

love your list...ill try and get to mine soon.....

Sarah said...

I'll dust and do your dishes if you vacuum and scrub my tub. deal?

all in the family :o) heh heh.

Rain said...

Great list, I was very entertained, and I learned a bit about you.
I want to learn to belly dance too and I can't sing either. No karaoke belly dancing for us.

beckyboop said...

Cheryl - Thanks, but I am all four, but mostly I frickin' sweet, so it makes up for it.

Lori - I love, love, love you.

Sassy - the Munsters were cool. I loved the phone in the coffin.

Pearl - Can't wait to read yours.

Sarah - I'm not sure if that's a good deal or not. But hey, lets do it!

Rain - We must go karaoke belly dance. I'm sure we knock 'em dead.

Holly said...

I make you laugh!! Yay!! I love it when you laugh.

Lori's right. You are a fantastic story teller. The best. Before Kevin met you, I even told him, Becky tells the best stories. Ever. That's why when you ask me,"Have I told you this one before?", I say "Tell me again!".

I love it. And I love you.

zilla said...

Yay! You did it, an you did it so well! However, I'm not buying that you dislike hominy without disliking okra, too. Do you like okra? Please, say it ain't so!

I'll teach you to knit if you'll teach me to belly dance (preferrably after you've learned how, right?)

beckyboop said...

Ok, Z,

I like fried okra, but I hate the slimey snotty stuff.


Writer Mom said...

I say we all belly dance together (pod cast?) after a coupla vodka cranberries.

(What does 'hot line' mean?)

fineartist said...

Hot line means I am going to call the mental health crisis hot line and tell them that she is a threat to herself, my dad, and if I have to ME, and have them come get her.

That's plan B, plan A is, I go ahead and get a thirty day power of attorney over my dad and then file an Ex parte, hopefully I can file here in my county, but that remains to be seen yet; the legal beagle is on that for me.

Plan C is, I tackle her in my dad's house, drag her outside and let someone, maybe my oldest son, change the locks while I have her hog tied in the front or back yard, which ever is closer.

Whew, my adrenaline is pumping just thinking about it.

Sir James E. Watkins said...


I hope you're feeling much better.

Kelley Bell said...

You tagged me? Augghhhhhh

Well, O.K. then, you impish little wild flower.

Kath in the Country said...

I love forward thinking people with a great sense of humor.

B-Boop, it's obvious a lot of people value you exactly the way you are, and would be pissed if you changed any of it.

The talent of providing laughter to those you love is a tremendous gift.

ella m. said...

I love dark shadows! When I was a kid one of the local channels would show dark shadows, the twilight zone and the outer limits in a block in the wee hours of the morning.

It was horror/sci fi nerd heaven.