Friday, October 06, 2006

My Haunted Experience

The Haunted House

I was fifteen. Mom and Grandma decided to become partners in a business. The bar business that is. Bluetown Tavern in St. Joseph. MO. Mike, Marian, Judy, Pam, Bill, and Lori, were already living on their own. My Mom, Pops (step dad), Crystal 12, Tommy 9, Brian (newborn), and myself, moved to the small city of St. Joe. Mom purchased a beautiful old three story Victorian home. I'm only guessing, but it must have been built around 1920 or before. The house was empty and ready to move in to. She got a great deal as far as real estate goes.

The house...It was painted a deep red with black trim, had a wrap around front porch, and a second story balcony. The house by my standards was huge. The 1st floor had a formal living room with fireplace, a formal dining room with a crystal chandelier and a bay window from floor to ceiling. The kitchen was large but warm and inviting, complete with a walk-in pantry and servants quarters. From the dining area was a bathroom and the basement. The basement door was located under the stairs to the 2nd floor. When going down the stairs into the basement, it was sooo dark and musty. It was scary as hell. I made it all the way down the stairs to the dirt floor only once. I never went all the way in. It was cold, dank, and it felt horribly eerie. A sense of dread, my gut wrenching intuition forced me to run up the stairs as fast as I could. It makes me shiver just thinking about it... The 2nd floor had a comfortable family room, shutters on all of the windows, three bedrooms, and another bathroom. If you looked up from the 2nd floor, the ceiling reached all the way to 3rd floor with another chandelier hanging. Up the stairs to the 3rd floor, a Victorian banister that went up and around and served as a railing to guard you from falling back down to the 2nd floor. You could look down on the family room. The 3rd floor room spaciously wrapped around the railing, with two tall windows to the left, one window at the top of the stairs on the right, and straight ahead, a door to the attic.

Mom, Pops, Tommy, and Brian slept on the 2nd floor. Crystal and I chose the third floor as our bedroom. We set up our two single beds under the two windows that looked out on an alleyway that lead to the driveway. From our driveway, you could enter the house through the kitchen door. The attic room served as our very large closet with three windows that looked out on the front lawn.

So many unexplainable occurrences took place in that house, I hardly know where to start. They were the most bazaar things that have ever happened in my life and quite frankly, something I don't like to remember, or talk about. Believe me, I've had a lot of bazaar things happen to me in life. However, never so bone chilling. Yes, I'm speaking of the supernatural, paranormal, apparitions, noises, sensations of cold, objects moving, and a sense of the presence of evil.

Crystal and I made it two weeks in St. Joe. We stole enough money for bus tickets back home and moved in with our Dad. The rest of my family made it 6 months before moving. None of the neighbors had ever spoke until the day my family was moving. The neighbor told my Mom she lived there longer than most.

Moving in with Dad?... another mucked up story....Or, would you rather hear the ghost stories?


fineartist said...

You really don't like to talk about those ghost stories. I've never heard you talk about them much.

Mom talks about it some, and Tommy, he talks about it. I think he was traumatized from it, really, as were you and Crystal.

Mom's stories, I never know, unless I was there, how much is embellished and how much is real, but what Tom told me, and what you've told me I believe.

What really freaks me out is that you guys moved to St Joe, like a year after mom and grandma told us they were witches...horror of horrors that night was...

Mom and Pops had a pentagram in the basement, and all kinds of weirdo chicks hangin' around.

Grandma and Mom acting like they could talk to each other through their hands, I don't know, I guess they were receiving electrons via their palms, who knows?

Who knew?

Mom talking about the shining.

Pops bending spoons...

The fortune telling, the seances...oh childhood, innocent childhood.

I remember, but I wasn't in St Joe. I'm sorry I wasn't there with you.

I wish I had brought all of you home with me.

And damn it why couldn't our family attract a nice ghost? I mean really?

Love you more than dancing, Lori

zilla said...

Selfishly, I want to hear the ghost stories, of course! However, if it's too disturbing to rehash it all, I understand. I wonder what the history of that house was -- what would be the reason for the haunting? Hmmm.

Sassy said... know nothing scares me worse than ghost. Now you've got me interested. I know you said you don't like talking about it, but I would love to hear about some of the stuff that happened in that house. Do tell! Do tell! BUT if you don't want to talk about it...I understand. :)

pearl said...

what ever you want to share, i want to hear. you write so well and tell such interesting stories....i love reading your blog....

Cheryl said...

Ditto - what Pearl said!


Holly said...

Oh, Becky, you appetite whetter, you....

You know, the other day when we were talking about this on the phone, I got sooooo scared that night! I was sure I was hearing things and seeing shadows!

I couldn't stop burping all night long.

Give over with the scary stuff! I need more acid reflux in my life! : )

Sassy said...


Sir James E. Watkins said...

I am sucked right into your maelstrom of description.

I should have read this one first. But I think I've metally worked that out.

I'm off to see the wizard....
rather off to read the second of ther series.


Sir James E. Watkins said...

or mentally.