Monday, June 29, 2009

Party at Damon's

I had a great time this weekend. Lori, Crystal, Goldie, Connie, my dog Mollie, and I went to visit my friend Damon. Even though it took 5 hours, the drive was beautiful. The rolling hills, plateaus and the flint hills were breath taking. My cousin Darren was there as well as their friend Jane. The three of them are best friends. He blended pina coladas and grilled chicken and ribs. He served us a plethora of munchies. We swam, listened to music, did a little pool side dancing, and enjoyed wonderful conversation with friends!

We listened to 60's R&B, blues, 70's rock, and some Pagan music. Lori has been on a quest for the odd and unusual and picked up a CD at a Dragon Dance Festival. The name of the group is Spellsinger . It was very soulful and primal at the same time. I'm not sure the guys liked it as well as the girls. I thought all of the music was phenomenal!

Molly was invited to hang out with Damon's golden retriever Jake. She is actually quite smitten with him. Even the dogs had fun.

Damon took us shopping at a hippie shop. I bought a girlie skull cap and some goofy stickers. The other girls bought hippie shirts and sarongs. We all bought incense. Then he took us all out for ice cream. He knows what girls like! He is the host with the most. He spoiled all of us girls. We all love us some Damon!