Wednesday, September 27, 2006

It's all about me right now

Received a call last week from my little sister Crystal. She can't concentrate on anything but Crystal right now. She has been talking about how she wants HOT pictures of herself on her motorcycle for some time now. She is recently divorced and loving herself again. She has lost all of her marriage weight and is looking good.

Crystal---"Hi Becky, I'm so excited. I got my pictures taken professionally with my bike. I look sooo hot. I had the photographer put them on a disc for me. I'm over at Chris's now and he is uploading them to send to you. You can pick out the one you like and I will give it to you for Christmas."

Me ---- "Hi. BTW, I'm doing fine. "

Crystal -- "Oh yeh, You're doing alright, huh? I want you to send these pictures to Lori so she can paint my picture."

Me --- "Crystal, Lori has been, and is a little busy. Her Dad has been ill, she has been driving up here every weekend to see him and take care of some of his business. And with Rachie and all plus all her other projects, she is pretty overwhelmed."

Crystal --- "Oh, How's Rachie doing? Is she alright? Has Lori found out anything?"

Me thinking ---"Well, I guess it's not all about her with Rachie. She is genuinenly concerned"

Me --- "Rachie is doing better. But Lori is still waiting to find out more."

Crystal --- "I'm praying for her....Anyway, Lori can get to it when she has time. I want her to paint the picture of me riding down the road with Angels around me. Did you get them yet? Are you at your computer?"

Me --- "No, not yet."

Crystal --- "How about now? Chris, are you sure you sent them to the right email address? "

Chris --- "Crystal, there are 12 proofs. It may take a while."

Crystal --- "How about now? Did you get them? Well, call me when you get them."

Our Crystal is not always so tunnel visioned. If anyone is causing you pain in your life and you let her know...She will hunt them down and kick their ass! Oh, yes, Crystal can kick some serious ass. She is a tough little momma and is protective as hell. DON'T mess with HER family!!! I'm scared to death to tell her about the crazy lady that Lori is trying to get out of her Dad's house. Believe me, she would go over and drag that woman out kicking and screaming by the hair.

When we were younger, I never got into any fights. Yes, my LITTLE sister would get her crazy on and whup some ass or make it perfectly clear she would. All, would back off scared as hell.

I would do the same for her. Crystal and I have bond no one can break. We have been through hell together and survived, back to back, fighting, fending off all the evil that came to us when we were children and well into early adulthood. We graduated with honors from the school of hard knocks and are now strong, independent women that can handle almost any boulders or road blocks that get in our way...ain't no mountain high enough, ain't no valley low enough.....

I love you Crissy... And sista, you DO look hot! Ride that motorcycle with your Angels above and around. Don't let anything get in your way. If they do, I GOT your back.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Flowers & Vortexes

I ordered a little artsy magazine called Flowers & Vortexes. I was inclined to do so because Lori turned me on to a fellow blogger's website. The Endless Saga. Welcome to a world of poetry, creative nonfiction, and occasional fiction as told by James Eric Watkins. I checked it out and found some the most mesmerizing poetry I've ever read. I haven't really been into poetry since college. I have discovered a renewed interest in it. So, I ask James, via his blog, if he has been published. He directed me to a website where I purchased the magazine. It was awesome. A collection of poetry and photography. Erin Monahan even had a poem published in the magazine.

I can't sleep tonight, so I turn to one of my only forms of entertainment; the computer. I revisited the website, Promise of Light Publications There were options to click on located on the right side of the page. Once again, I was entertained. I clicked on the options, “Fluent” and "Below Morning's Edge” to find audio poems by Erin. Erin happens to be the co-editor. There were audio poems by James, the creator and editor, and others. It put me in a mindset of a beatnik coffee shop listening to artists reciting their poetry... Well, minus the coffee and bongo drums. It was very cool. They even have merchandise with the designs created by Erin. The stuff was really groovy.

You guys have to check it out.

Sos anyways...I've been entertained for the night. I think if I lay my head down, I'll be able to sleep now. Good night.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Me me me me - My things list

Zilla tagged me. Sorry it took so long Z. Here goes...

1. Things that scare me

*public speaking (my biggest fear)
*falling down stairs
*walking around with a booger hanging out my nose
*walking around with something stuck in my teeth
*toilet paper stuck to my shoe

2.People who make me laugh

*My son
*My husband
*My friends at work
*Oh hell, I laugh all the time, it gets me through

3.Things I hate the most

*Mean people
*bitchy people who take it out on others (mean people)
*rules that are stupid
*pee on a toilet seat
*doing dishes

4.Things I don't understand

*mean people
*religious fanatics
*people who do the same stupid things over and over expecting different results and whining about it
*people with pointless agendas
*the stock market

5.Things I'm doing right now

*drinking a coke
*thinking about taking a pain pill
*wondering what the hell to write

6.Things I want to do before I die

*Have a grand baby
*Go to Europe
*win the lottery
*lose 30 pounds
*quit smoking
*exercise regularly
*learn how to belly dance

7. Things I can do

*Ride a motorcycle
*talk to the animals
*raise hell
*have fun
*multi task
*pop my hips in and out of joint
*love and laugh
*I can bring home the bacon, fry it up in a pan

8.Ways to describe my personality

*Over bearing
*frickin' sweet and don't you forget it!
*bleeding heart liberal
* a little crazy

9.Things I can't do

*Change the oil in my car
*keep my mouth shut

10.Things I think you should listen to

*A storm
*your kids
*all laughter
*advice (take it or leave it)
*The Blues

11.Things you should never listen to

*Country music
*drug addicts asking for money
*Rush Limbaugh (spelling?)
*Religious fanatics
*Jehovah's Witnesses

12.Things I'd like to learn

*how to back a trailer
*belly dancing
*the stock market

13.Favorite foods

*All vegetables except hominy

14.Beverages I drink regularly

*Vodka and cranberry juice (maybe once a week)

15.Shows I watched as a kid

*Dark Shadows
*The Sixth Sense
*Scooby Doo (love Scooby, he makes me smile)
*Gilligan's Island
*The Munsters
*The Partridge Family
*The Brady Bunch
*All in the Family

On a scale of 1 to 10, was this mildly entertaining?

I tag, Ariel, Pearl, and Kelley Bell

Friday, September 15, 2006

No work until October 17th, rest, relaxation, and recuperation

I had surgery 09/05/06 to have Utie and the girls removed. Before I went under the knife, Randy and I and our friends, Doug and Leann rode our bikes down to Eureka Springs, Arkansas. It was a beautiful ride. There were rolling hills, hollers, forests, rivers, lakes, treacherous roads, curves, and the best shopping ever. Utie and the girls never did me any good anyway, but I took them out for their last ride and adventure anyhow.

While Leann and I were shopping, we really bonded. We got henna tattoos together in the park from a local artist. Leann got a tribal design and I got a cheesy sailor tattoo of a heart with a ribbon that read Randy. I also got a corset. (You know I got lucky that night with the tattoo and corset and all.) The tattoo was supposed to last for a week. It only lasted three days from all the hot tubbing. Oh yes, we had a hot tub in our room. It was very romantic. (Watch out, I'm on drugs and giving waaay too much info.)

We rode through some of the most remote areas, Beaver Lake and Hobb's Wildlife Reserve. We even went to an old working flour mill, built in 1838 (War Eagle Mill) that is powered by the War Eagle River. It had a huge water wheel that powered the large stone grinding wheels.

Downtown Eureka Springs was built in the late 1800s. There are shops, restaurants, artists and musicians on the street corners. Very artsy fartsy. The homes and buildings were beautiful.

The only bummer of our trip is we received tickets outside of town for excessive noise. Some redneck-bastard cop said our pipes were too loud. We just got into town. Randy, Leann and I went to the hotel and waited for Doug. He got stuck behind traffic. We waited about 5 minutes. Randy hopped on my bike to see where Doug was. We were worried. Doug had been pulled over. The cop said when Doug rode by, the sound of his pipes scared him. He said if he was an old lady it would have scared her so bad she would have wrecked. He then went onto say, “The local residents don't like “ you people” in their town. He added, there were going to be a lot of “you people” in town this weekend and there would be a lot of tickets written.”... Come on, Doug is 56 years old, he wasn't even rapping his pipes, he was just riding. I swear this prick just pulled him over at random. Anyways... Randy sees him and pulls into the restaurant parking lot. Doug explained to the idiot, his friend was just coming back to check on him. The officer walked to Randy and demanded his paperwork. He told Randy his bike was too loud and issued him a ticket for exhaust noise as well. Again, come on, Randy just pulled into the parking lot. The punk officer then lectured them both on modified exhaust systems. He then closed by telling them if we were staying in town we could be ticketed again, so if we did ride be sure to “just putt around”. The ticket will cost us $125.

We did tell several business owners what happened. They said a large percentage of their customers were bikers and they would bring it up a the city counsel meeting. We have written a letter to the police chief also. Hey, ya can't blame us for tryin'.

We didn't let it spoil our vacation. We had a blast.

Of course, blogger will not upload pix...

Ok, sat for too long, abdomen, pain, more pain pills...gotta go....

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Patriot Gaurd Riders mission pix

Patriot Gaurd Riders, riding in.

I love this guy.

Protesters/fuckwads, whatever.