Sunday, February 11, 2007

Slow progress painting the house

Progress is slow painting only when you have the time. In this case, it is a process, not an event.
The first two pictures are of Devin's room. He chose the lovely color (???) of white duck. He worked so hard on it, the only thing he will hang on the walls is his tapestry and his Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Calender.
The third room is my living room, painted utterly tan with a second darker color to make the fireplace pop. We also painted the mantel. We didn't want to but paint dripped all over it. I personally think it looks better than what it did.
The fourth picture is my dining room. It and the kitchen will be a very pale blue. It has not been painted yet. I just thought I would share it because Snowball looked so cute trying to help with the preparation. If I absolutely love the color blue. It is a good thing there are other opinions to consider. I would truly get carried away and paint the entire house different shades of blue. I find it calming.
The fifth picture is our extra bedroom, painted a color we created from some oops paint mixed with white. It is tan as well with a bit more of a gold hue in comparison to the living room.
I can't wait until it is complete. We will lay ceramic tile in the entry way and possibly in the kitchen next. Maybe we will do laminent in the kitchen. I will have to wait and see how easy or difficult laminent is to lay from Shell and Ron.... But that will be another long drawn out project. I haven't visited the blogisphere as often as I had been. I have been spending most of my spare time painting.