Thursday, September 21, 2006

Flowers & Vortexes

I ordered a little artsy magazine called Flowers & Vortexes. I was inclined to do so because Lori turned me on to a fellow blogger's website. The Endless Saga. Welcome to a world of poetry, creative nonfiction, and occasional fiction as told by James Eric Watkins. I checked it out and found some the most mesmerizing poetry I've ever read. I haven't really been into poetry since college. I have discovered a renewed interest in it. So, I ask James, via his blog, if he has been published. He directed me to a website where I purchased the magazine. It was awesome. A collection of poetry and photography. Erin Monahan even had a poem published in the magazine.

I can't sleep tonight, so I turn to one of my only forms of entertainment; the computer. I revisited the website, Promise of Light Publications There were options to click on located on the right side of the page. Once again, I was entertained. I clicked on the options, “Fluent” and "Below Morning's Edge” to find audio poems by Erin. Erin happens to be the co-editor. There were audio poems by James, the creator and editor, and others. It put me in a mindset of a beatnik coffee shop listening to artists reciting their poetry... Well, minus the coffee and bongo drums. It was very cool. They even have merchandise with the designs created by Erin. The stuff was really groovy.

You guys have to check it out.

Sos anyways...I've been entertained for the night. I think if I lay my head down, I'll be able to sleep now. Good night.


zilla said...

Isn't it COOL, to hear the poets' audio posts? I love it when they do that. Erin & James are such thoughtful poets in their differing ways. Do you write poems, Becky?

BTW, if I'm not mistaken, one of my newer links (Skip at Tsunami of Blood) clicked over to Erin's and got drawn into the whole poetry sphere, too, and found it very inspiring. I just love how one thing leads to another, and another, and another, here. You never know what you'll find, but it's bound to be something good -- might even be a little crazy patriot guard rider with a heart of gold and nerves of steel!)

Sassy said...

I love poetry. I'll definately check it out.

Dita said...

Dang that 'puter can be a good source of entertainment sometimes. But, it can suck you in too.

Kelley Bell said...

Thanks for the links BeckyBoopydoopydarlingirl

Good poetry is such a joy. I wish a could memorize every piece I love.

But alas, my brain is just not as absorbant as my heart. LOL

Live, Love, and laugh,

Your cyber friend,


beckyboop said...

Hey Z,

I'm no poet. I'm more of a story teller. I'm much better at it in person than on paper. I use to much slang and Becky words to put it down on paper.


It's to late. I've been sucked in. When I recover, I'll have to go back to 2 times a week for blogging.


Smooch, smooch (on the cheek, of course), hug, hug to you.


Oh the terms of endearment, I love 'em.

Rain said...

I love poetry on blogs. It is such a great place to allow other people to read them and get some feed back.

fineartist said...

Hey sleepless in Kansas what cha doin' tonight?

I'm taking a break from researching...tomorrow I have to take Rachy back to the neurologist, I've got three pages of questions to ask that rascal and I haven't fully satisfied my self yet, so I may have a couple more pages before I'm finished.

I'll call you when I get home.

I really enjoyed James and Erin's magazine, it's beautifully written, of course, and visually stimulating too, always a bonus.

love you, love me? I know ya do, but just remembering when we were little you, love me? Always and forever.