Friday, September 15, 2006

No work until October 17th, rest, relaxation, and recuperation

I had surgery 09/05/06 to have Utie and the girls removed. Before I went under the knife, Randy and I and our friends, Doug and Leann rode our bikes down to Eureka Springs, Arkansas. It was a beautiful ride. There were rolling hills, hollers, forests, rivers, lakes, treacherous roads, curves, and the best shopping ever. Utie and the girls never did me any good anyway, but I took them out for their last ride and adventure anyhow.

While Leann and I were shopping, we really bonded. We got henna tattoos together in the park from a local artist. Leann got a tribal design and I got a cheesy sailor tattoo of a heart with a ribbon that read Randy. I also got a corset. (You know I got lucky that night with the tattoo and corset and all.) The tattoo was supposed to last for a week. It only lasted three days from all the hot tubbing. Oh yes, we had a hot tub in our room. It was very romantic. (Watch out, I'm on drugs and giving waaay too much info.)

We rode through some of the most remote areas, Beaver Lake and Hobb's Wildlife Reserve. We even went to an old working flour mill, built in 1838 (War Eagle Mill) that is powered by the War Eagle River. It had a huge water wheel that powered the large stone grinding wheels.

Downtown Eureka Springs was built in the late 1800s. There are shops, restaurants, artists and musicians on the street corners. Very artsy fartsy. The homes and buildings were beautiful.

The only bummer of our trip is we received tickets outside of town for excessive noise. Some redneck-bastard cop said our pipes were too loud. We just got into town. Randy, Leann and I went to the hotel and waited for Doug. He got stuck behind traffic. We waited about 5 minutes. Randy hopped on my bike to see where Doug was. We were worried. Doug had been pulled over. The cop said when Doug rode by, the sound of his pipes scared him. He said if he was an old lady it would have scared her so bad she would have wrecked. He then went onto say, “The local residents don't like “ you people” in their town. He added, there were going to be a lot of “you people” in town this weekend and there would be a lot of tickets written.”... Come on, Doug is 56 years old, he wasn't even rapping his pipes, he was just riding. I swear this prick just pulled him over at random. Anyways... Randy sees him and pulls into the restaurant parking lot. Doug explained to the idiot, his friend was just coming back to check on him. The officer walked to Randy and demanded his paperwork. He told Randy his bike was too loud and issued him a ticket for exhaust noise as well. Again, come on, Randy just pulled into the parking lot. The punk officer then lectured them both on modified exhaust systems. He then closed by telling them if we were staying in town we could be ticketed again, so if we did ride be sure to “just putt around”. The ticket will cost us $125.

We did tell several business owners what happened. They said a large percentage of their customers were bikers and they would bring it up a the city counsel meeting. We have written a letter to the police chief also. Hey, ya can't blame us for tryin'.

We didn't let it spoil our vacation. We had a blast.

Of course, blogger will not upload pix...

Ok, sat for too long, abdomen, pain, more pain pills...gotta go....


LZ Blogger said...

We were in Eureka Springs this summer (as a day visit from our vacation week in Branson, MO). What a quaint little city. We had lunch in the Hotel Bar over looking the city. What a neat place. Take it easy and recover soon! ~ jb///

Holly said...

I keep hearing about Eureka being a diverse tourist town. Everybody's welcome, bring your business, bring your money. But the people who come here to vacation are getting slammed. Two of the biggest tourists groups that come here are bikers and, well.... gays. When the bikers come, they get tickets. When the gays come, they get shop doors closed in their faces. This town promotes itself as diverse and tolerant, but clearly this isn't the case everywhere, and folks who live here are getting up in arms over it, too. There simply aren't enough non-motorcyle riding, heterosexual Christian tourists to make this a prosperous vacation destination. We need for EVERYBODY to be truly welcome here.

And one last thought-

love ya,

Sassy said...

That's crazy. I think the cop was jealous. His Barney Fife ass needs to get a real job!

pearl said...

i really cant stand people like that. i really cant. what a jerk.....

glad your recovering from the surgery. take it easy ok?

Cheryl said...

Comgratulations on your 'hysterical rectum'. Feel better soon!

zilla said...

Glad you had some pre-op fun! I was gonna email you about the blue book's take on "Utie and the girls" but I don't have your email and didn't know if you wanted me posting such personal stuff for the whole danged Internet to read. So, feel free to email me at coffeehouser[at]gmaildotcom, and I'll give you the skinny if you want it.

So good to read your words again, Beck-a-licious! And damn those redneck cops and their oversensitive ears!

Writer Mom said...

I hope you're feeling tip top. Great idea, taking Utie and the girls for one last ride. Made me smile. I have my days when I want to take MINE for a ride, and pitch them onto the side of the road for someone else to pick up and raise them as strays.
Where was I?

Ugh. Tickets. Ugh. We live in a town filled with cop cadets. Everyone gets pulled over once or twice a year for unimaginable offenses. You've heard of med students going paranoid about every possible ailment? It's like that for the traffic cops around here. "Your blinker is too fast. You need to slow down the blinking speed. Studies show fast blinking causes confusion for other drivers. Here's your ticket." Chick Ching! <--sound of cash register?
Another fun thing, people are so paranoid around here because of the cops, we all look at them, waiting for the lights. We were pulled over once for neglecting to stop for two school buses. Yes. Two school buses. Did we really do this? Do we even remember the buses? No. But the cop had a little buddy with him and he said, "I saw you looking at us! Why were you looking at us if you weren't doing anything wrong?!"

Yes, dickwad. We were looking at you because you were glaring at US as we passed by.
Makes one want to just ride a bike, but I'd probably get pulled over for misuse of helmets.

*Didn't mean to ramble on. Rude cops hit a nerve today.

Sir James E. Watkins said...

That's some bull do do there. that punk ass cop. It pisses me off. It all depends on what mood their in. It's relevant to their F***ing mood! What is that?

Yeah. it's so relevant. maybe I could say that again. Bet you'd like me to.


anyway. here's my relevant story.

a cop pulls me over for driving 59 in a 55, a $125.00 ticket. I find out later that the same jagoff pulls one of my wife's friends over, and gives her a warning, for going 63 mph on the same stretch of road no less. Cleavage. a powerful tool.

beckyboop said...

Yeh James,

B*st**ds, son of a b**ches, c**k suckers.

Say it again yeh,

B*st**ds, son of a b**ches, c**k suckers.