Sunday, May 18, 2008

Okay, this is what has been delt

For the last 6-7 years, I've been blessed or completely lucky. I mean I've been incredibly happy. My luck has run out. I'm not blessed anymore.

I was laid off from my job at, let's just call them BAY D & D. I had this job for 12 years. The friends I had there were family. I miss seeing their bright smiling faces every day. Asking advice; giving it. Shoulders to lean and cry on. People to laugh with. We had so much fun while working our asses off. I have done so many different jobs for Bay D & D. Every time I would get used to or comfortable with one, they would move me to another. I kicked ass at my job. I totally had it down. I just knew at any minute they would change my job. Oh FUCK no, they laid me off. I have never felt secure in my job. Always the possibility of a lay off. For once, I felt safe. Our office was so busy there was mandatory overtime and they had suspended vacation. WTF. They announced 31 people were at risk. A job was offered to us in Pittsburgh, PA. I probably should have taken it. I just can't see moving my family all over the country for a job. Hell, they will probably lay off there as well at a later date.

The good thing....I do have six months of severance pay and health insurance. I finally received my first severance check to be received bi-weekly. It was sent out about a week late. I waited and waited for the second. I finally called. " We did not disburse a check for the weeks of 04/06-04/19". No shit, that is why I'm calling. This was a joke. Those bastards trained me to do great customer service, it was drilled into my head. Calling their payroll office was a nightmare. I spoke with three people before one of them could understand that they were supposed to disburse me a severance check. I could not speak directly with payroll, only to some outsourced retards who filled out trouble tickets. I was told I would be contacted in 24-48 hours. One full week and a day, and three trouble tickets later, someone called me back. This person said she would have "them" disburse a check. So, "they" direct deposited a check for $342 less than it was supposed to be.

"They" or "them" disbursed this two week check as a "lump sum" severance payment instead of a bi-weekly severance paycheck resulting in 25% more taxes being taken out; you know, the way our government taxes bonuses. I had the opportunity to take my severance in a lump sum but requested it in bi-weekly checks because this would save me a fortune in taxes.

Another week and another trouble ticket, I was told, tough, there is nothing wrong with the payment I received. I called my old HR manager for assistance and she told me she had spoken with payroll and I had never missed a check that I received all and cashed them as well. She also stated technically I no longer work for Bay D & D and not to call her.

So, what do I do? I called my union, they did not know their ass from a whole in the ground. The only time I've ever needed them; I was not impressed. I guess I will take Bay D & D to small claims court. It really pisses me off because I have wasted two weeks of my life on the phone with people who had no clue how to do their jobs. Now I will have to take them to court. God only knows how long that will take me. I WILL get my money....sons-a-bitches.

I have been billed incorrectly by my cable company, my shrinks office, and Bay D & D has decided to give the government $342 of my money because they forgot to send me a paycheck and when they did they disbursed it incorrectly. I have spent the last two weeks on the phone with billing offices and payroll offices. I'm not getting paid for it though. Oh dear God I hope I was more empathetic and adept than these people when I did customer service. that out. I'm trying to utilize all my insurance while I still have it. I went to get my deviated septum corrected. Right now I have both nostrils packed with sponges and a mustache bandage under my nose. I can not breathe at all through my nose. When I try to drink or swallow, my ears pop. I have drainage in the back of my throat and out my nostrils. With my luck, I'm surprised the doctor did not slip and give me a lobotomy during surgery. I'm on steroids and pain pills. I'm just a joy to be around right now. I want to rip these sponges out of my nose. I'm not sure I will be able to wait until Monday afternoon. I was going to post some pictures, but I did not want to scare anyone.

Thank you God for giving me the most wonderful husband. He has been so understanding and supportive. I guess I'm still blessed where that is concerned. Love you daddy.

I'm baaaack.