Sunday, July 30, 2006

Pics of my significant others

Finally!!! Picture download!!!! This is a picture of my handsome son and beautiful animals. Molly shaking Devin's hand. Snowball sleeping at my feet under the computer desk. (Need to clean those baseboards under the desk). Bogart waiting for his food. Snowball sitting next to Devin while he is on his computer. Molly looking a little annoyed for some reason.


Holly said...

Wow, Devon looks so much like Randy. It's sort of freaky, man.

Bogart looks just same as he did ten years ago when I met him - like an old black man. You need to get him a kitty sized saxaphone, so he can play 'da blues.

I just realized, of course, "Snowball" is a white cat. Bogart is black. White, black. That's cool. My sister-in-law also has a white/black combo. I need to get me one of those. And I already got the black half, so I'm halfway there.

love yer boobs, oops, I mean,
love ya, becky boobs,

fineartist said...

What Holly said, Devon couldn't look more like Randy, and he just keeps getting more handsome by the day.

Okay, if those little hot-ties keep calling his cell phone at all hours of the wee morning, you tell him that auntie Lori will be up with her bottles of Merlot and scissors to give him a drunk little hair cut. I'm only kidding, sort of.

Is snowball a goofball or what? That picture of her under your computer desk is priceless.

Molly, best dog in the entire world, except for my mosey, that is.

And Bogart, God love his little fruit loopy self. He has got to be the weirdest cat alive, which makes him all the more lovable to me. I suppose he could be described as eccentric, or shell shocked. Shell shock would be more appropriate I think.

I love these pics, makes me feel like home. Miss ya, love ya too, mean it, Lori

pearl said...

adorable critters, handsome son....

i used to have a black cat named Ninja Kitty. I had to put her to sleep when she was around 13 cos she had cancer. not to bum you out or anything. just seeing other black cats makes me think of my ninja kitty....

Sassy said...

Awww. Looks like you have a wonderful family! :)

zilla said...

Beautiful family, Becky.

(But I thought the tip of Snowball's tail was a swollen kitty testicle for a minute there.)

fineartist said...

Holly's blog, it's empty. !?!

Call her B. Please.

Writer Mom said...

Since Randy (based upon picture below) looks like a younger, sexier, Dogg the Bounty Hunter with no hair, then algebraically, Devin looks so much like Dogg, the Bounty Hunter, too!

I know. Nonesensical. I have heat fried brain.

Tell Snowball it's his job to clean those baseboards!

Molly! What's up? Turn that scowl upside dowl..(going now before someone throws me out...)

Rain said...

I think our 14 year olds should meet someday :)

Love the pets!