Friday, August 04, 2006

How I Met My Husband

I can't sleep tonight. I usually don't have a problem with this. The last two weeks have been an exception. I don't know if it is the heat or what...Anyways...Sassy inspired me to share the story of how Randy and I met.

I had been single for about two years after a sad break up with, who I just knew was Mr. Right. I was 29 years old. I was going college, working, and didn't have a lot of time for dating. Now that I look back, I guess I was working at becoming the person I wanted to be. Yeah sure, I met some men. None of which interested me in the least; not even a spark.

I was living in a basement apartment I rented from a wonderful lady. She was like a second mother to me. Marcia was a beautician. Located right next to my apartment was her shop. I was always complaining, “When am I going to meet a good man. Are there even any out there? I want children. When was the last time I had sex?” (Maybe I should have left the last comment out...Naaahhh).

A woman, Joyce (my future mother-in-law), would come to get her hair done occasionally. She brought her grandson (Devin) a couple of times. He was the cutest little, fat, bald headed baby you ever saw. Marcia would yell, “Becky, come see the baby!” I would hold Devin while she had her hair done. What a sweet and mellow child. He always had a smile on his face.

Apparently, Marcia and Joyce decided they were going to fix me up with Joyce's newly divorced son, Randy. Marcia yelled at me from her shop, “Becky, come here. I have something I want to ask you.” Joyce and Marcia made their proposition. The first thing I thought was, “This guy must be ugly and a geek if his mother is trying to fix him up.” Then Joyce whipped out a picture. There was Randy leaned up against some lockers in an Army barracks. He had the bottom of his right foot propped on the locker, with his right knee slightly protruding. What a pose. He was shirtless with his hands in the pockets of his fatigues. Lookin' fine! Mmmm, Mmm, Mmm. ( I swear, about 5 years ago, I saw that picture. Randy was just standing next to some lockers in a T-shirt and fatigues, smiling. What ever. That is not he way I remembered it.) I accepted.

My fantastically, sweet sister Lori, and her two kids, Rachel (12) and Mitch (10) were visiting. Randy came over to meet me. Marcia, me, Lori, and the kids were in Marcia's kitchen when Randy arrived. He was about 5' 9”, about 145 pounds, thin, but well per portioned. (Thin was good. I've always liked my men built for speed, not for comfort.) He had the nicest smile I've ever seen. Mitch elbowed me in the side and said, “Aunt Becky, he the one, I can feel it.”

A ready made family. Randy was 35 and Devin was 10 months old. We have been together ever since. Devin's birth mother, who I always refer to as “the incubator”, never came around. Apparently, she moved out of state. I still have never met her or heard from her. If I did, I would shake her hand and thank her.


pearl said...

wow...ive never really believed in love at first sight, but i guess it happened to you...i know with joe and i, it was lust at first sight, and then it turned into love happy for you. i can tell in your words how happy and in love you are. your a very lucky lady, and as sweet as i can tell you are, you deserve it.

fineartist said...
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Sassy said...


I sure hope I find me someone special one of these days. Im very happy for you, you deserve the best. :)

fineartist said...

I'm also thinking I revealed way too much of my own personal emotionally crippled self in that last comment.

I think I'm pre perioding...I know too much info again.

beckyboop said...


I was pre-perioding when I blogged about having to burn a vacation day. Whoo, now that was a true pre-period rant. I should have known it was coming.

I miss little Mitchy Ritchie Roo too. I'm glad he's doing better. I'm so glad I got to share that moment with you Mitch. You know, meeting Randy.

I miss you too!


beckyboop said...

Miss Sassy,

I told that story for you because you will meet "the one" some day. You deserve the best too.

Oh, I'm feeling all warm and fuzzy.

Becky :)

Sassy said...

Awww you are the sweetest, Becky! Thanks so much! :)

fineartist said...

I remember that day, the day you met your family, your destiny, your heart(s). I remember thinking that God/Goddess does answer prayers, and when you least expect it, and I remember thinking I didn't have to worry about you so much anymore, because you found your lobster...gag, I'm bawling again.

I miss you, can you tell?

zilla said...

She found her lobster? You sisters speak a language all your own :-)

Funny, I've been drafting the story of meeting Mr Z for two weeks, because July marks seven years since we met, and I've been marveling at the absence of the itch.

I'm so glad you found your soul mate, Beck-a-licious. I liked your description "built for speed" as opposed to "built for comfort." Now I have a friendlier phrase to descriibe Mr Z's morphing form -- twenty years ago he was 5'11" and 135 pounds. Yup, he's on the fast track to comfort. But I love him all the same :-)

Jess said...

AWESOME story!! I hope this gives her some hope because alot of what you felt is what she feels..And I'm super happy you found such a hunk of a good man! :D

LZ Blogger said...

Cute story! Great attitude! ~ jb///

Kelley Bell said...

Awe, how shellfishy sweet!

No, really. I love a love story.

..and hey, if Zilla is going to jump in on this, and start a trend, than I suppose I too shall have to blog up a story about that magical moment in my life.

Stay tuned!

Rain said...

Great story Becky! Thanks for sharing. I will work on mine too, since we are starting a trend. :)

beckyboop said...

Oh, I feel so cool being trendy and all. Who doesn't love a good love story. I'm waiting with bated breath!

Hi lz blogger!


Sir James E. Watkins said...

real nice story. I enjoyed it.

Indeed she found her lobster.

Sarah said...

wow, what a great story. and I loved the way you ended it... I would shake her hand and thank her.

just meant to be. right people, right place, right timing. I love how life works out like that.

here's to ready-made families!

(aside: I cannot even begin to imagine how the mother of a child could move out of state and not see her child again... it would destroy me. Both Devin and Randy are blessed to have you!)

Sarah said...

P.S. oh! and ditto on zilla!
I liked your description "built for speed" as opposed to "built for comfort." Now I have a friendlier phrase to descriibe Mr Z's morphing form

P.P.S. I love me some lobster :o)

Writer Mom said...

Just to be cheeky, does hubby remember how you met?
I have this huge romanticized series of events that I rattle off whenever I'm in awe of how it all came about, and when I ask Tom when he first remembers meeting me, I swear he looks like he's about to start crying. Because he knows he should remember, but can't.
I think it's pretty funny that his Mom showed you a hunky photo. That's so sweet.
Here's to the two of you, and three of you, and all of FA's family for being present, and especially those cool women who knew what they were doing when they put you together!

beckyboop said...

Hi writer mom,

Randy does remember....I tested him and he passed. He thinks another one of my sisters were there too. I'll have check with
Lori on that.

Zilla and Sarah,

Randy has gained about 50lbs. Damnit, so did I! The difference is, is he needed to.