Sunday, July 09, 2006

Pics of our PGH Mission

On our first PGH mission, Randy was asked to be a blocker. I was proud of him. He would ride to the front of the procession and block the intersections so we could stay in a group. I was the tail gunner (the very last one in the procession). It was nice. The family was so greatful and kind. They invited all of us back to thier home.


fineartist said...

Look at my little sister on her go hawt momma...and her man lookin' all rugged and fine.

Looks like mission accomplished.

Death is never pleasant, even when someone would sooner be let go to be rid of pain or the loss of dignaty, death sucks, but even more so when some over zelous lunatic does his damndest to make it even more uncomfortable.

You done good sweetie, love you more than dancing, Lori

pearl said...

its great that there are people out there like you that can make such a stressful time for families a little less stressful. its bad enough that we are losing our men and women over there, we dont need some crazy man making things worse for their families.

beckyboop said...

I put a links list on your bloggy blog...only I can't for the life of me figure out why it is at the bottom of your blog instead of on the side.

Oh well.

Now when you want to go visit your blog friends you can scroll down and click on their link, it'll take you right to their pages. It's magic, try it, poof. mooey mooey, Lori

beckyboop said...
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fineartist said...

I am so flucked up....I just put a links list on your blogggggg. I also forgot, AGAIN, to sign out of your id and into mine.

Oh how I do wish the birds would stop flying around my head. Shoo birds, leave my brain alone.

Kelley Bell said...

I was always the tail gunner for our Womens Camp.

Its a thing I used to do, for years, until arthritis made it impossible. (sigh)

Camp was this weekend, but I stayed home this year.

Every Summer, the coolest group of hard core gals would come from all over the world to camp out for 4 days in Athens Ohio. Every morning we would line up with walking staffs and meditation beads, and hike, single file, in silence, for like 5 miles. Not on trails mide you, but through the roughest territory we could muster.

Then we would go back to camp and train military style till 8 pm, and finish with meditation and yoga till 11pm. Then party till 3, and get up and do it again.

Tail Gunner was a busy job. I always had to keep my medic skills sharp for the stragglers.

Ahh, I do miss it so.

Holly said...

I'm so proud of you guys. It's so important to stand up for what you believe, and even more important to stand up for those who are unable to do it for themselves, for whatever reason.

You guys kick booty, mucho booty.

Love ya,

beckyboop said...


If I went on a 5 mile mile hike through rough terrain, I can assure you your medic skills would be used. Truthfully, this sounds like something I should do. Hey, you could start a new group that does a 2 mile hike on the trails with no military training at camp, just meditation. That's the ticket.

Sassy said...

I just went motorcycle riding Sunday on a Harley :) I enjoy it.

fineartist said...

Wooo hooo Sas-a-matazz-a went riding! Right on...

Writer Mom said...

You weren't in Traverse City, Mich on July 5th by any chance, were you?

I'll be back to catch up. I promise.

beckyboop said...

Hi writer mom,

We were in Missouri. I saw the biker in your pics. My husband has a chrome dome helmut just like that one.

Your pictures are great. What a beautiful family you have.
It looks like all of you had a great time, especially the kids. Loved the wedding!!

There was a mission ride for a fallen soldier in Lake Orion, Michigan that had 178 bikes and 16 cars. May be you saw it? The Patriot Guard Riders are nationwide.

fineartist said...

Hey sweetie,
I will call you tomorrow night, Monday...after all of the party girls leave.

(Longaburger basket party, yes, we may need an exocism to get rid of the basket obsession around here, enough said.)

It will most likely be around 9:30 or 10:00.

Love you, me. (I would have called you tonight but it's 12:46a, now. I thought about leaving you an e-mail but I know how infrequently you check your e-mail, largly because of all the spam you get. And we both know you can never get through on my line.)

Tomorrow at 9:30 then. xxx

Jess said...

I want to go riding. It's been to long. Rock on!