Friday, July 28, 2006

Needed to burn another vacation day today...

I woke up this morning. I drag my ass out of bed, brew some coffee, and let my dog out. My neck and shoulders ache. I feel a bit foggy. Okay, I'm not feeling it today. As my younger sister would say, “I'm sick and I'm old”. Yes, that's how I feel.

I call into work to see if any vacation days are available... Eureka, there is one! Give it to me, give it to me! Yeah, I got it!

I can hardly stand my job most days. I work in telecommunications in large business, or as my company would say, “The world wide customer service center”. Yes, they selected 30 people out of our center to be on-line reps taking non-stop calls for customer service.
“Thank you for calling blah blah blah Worldwide customer service center, this is Becky blah blah blah, how may I help you today?”

Customer...”I am the telecommunication technician at blah blah blah Incorporated. I have a T.1 circuit, it comes into my building from the the d-marc, through the PBX. I need to know how to configure my equipment to have the 24 channels route to my , PRI lines, my BRI lines, my ISDN lines, and my DID's.”

Me thinking....”What the fuck are you talking about!!?? Don't you have a billing question? I handle billing for God's sake. If you are a fucking techy, why don't YOU know how to do this?
My response, “ Why yes, I CAN assist you with that. May I get some information from you. Your name, your can be reached number, and account number?”

Customer... “Well I don't know my account number, can't you look it up by the name of the company? It's a business account.”

Me thinking... "Of course it's a business account you idiot. Fuck no, I can't! You are a large business! Don't you even know the account number you're calling in about? I have thirty-one different systems, offer 8 different kinds of business service, and you don't know!!!!”

My response...”I would need more information. Many corporations have several accounts under the same name.. Do you know the main phone number associated with your account and CAN cross reference it.”

Customer...” I'm a technician, I don't have access to that information. Can't YOU people do anything. I been transferred 3 times. I have been on the phone for 20 minutes. "

Me thinking...”You've been transferred around because you don't know shit about your own company and don't even know your account fucking number! Well, that me pull that out of my ass.”

Yada, yada, yada, yada, yada.

I end the call after searching 15 systems and basically pulling the information out of my ass, “I located your account. Let me get you to the correct department so we CAN better assist you. The number there is 888-888-8888. Is there anything else I can assist you with? Do you mind holding while I transfer you? You have a great day, and thank you for calling blah blah blah World wide customer service center, have a great day.”

Sorry for boring all of you with my rant and my ass kissing job. It was very cathartic. You didn't sense any hostility, did you? (This is why I take anti-depressants.) Thank goodness for all of the wonderful people I work with, the great pay, and the benefits or I would be outta there!

Yeah, I got a vacation day! Now that I got that out, I can enjoy it.

If you made it through my whole post.....I took some pictures of my animals surrounding me this morning. How they calm me.... Molly., Snowball, and bogart. I must warn you, I'm no photographer. But of course, blogger will not post my pics... I'll try later.


Holly said...

Oh Becky...I remember well the times calling work, seeing if any vacation days were available. And when they were, it was like the second coming. Oh, happy day!

I think it's good you're able to rant and rave about work. I left that place (was forced to leave) years ago, but I always knew it still sucked ass. When I worked there, it sucked so much life out of me that I didn't even have the energy to complain about it. Maybe if I had been able to vent some, I could have lasted longer. Few jobs can touch that one in the pay/benefits department. Oh, well.

You need to get an instant messenger, so I can stalk you when you're online. Hee hee.

ariel said...

lol, I finally managed to come by and read your blog. I love it, you sound just like my sister.
She too has grown out of bad relationships, bikers, crazy people with guns who turned out to be angels, a long list of exes, and a few run-ins with the cops.
You sound like someone who has learned the hard way how to get along in life.

:) Your sister is much more like me.

Jess said...

I couldn't handle doing anything phone related..that's why I became a cashier so I could personally tell people to shove it where the sun doesn't shine :)

Sassy said...

Customer service sucks. You have to be nice even when you dont want to. I actually got wrote up once for "not smiling". WTF?! Who says you have to freakin smile all the damn time?! Anyways...glad you took a vacation day! :)

Writer Mom said...

I'd love to call you some time at work. Do they record the calls? I could help you kill a few minutes.

I met my FIL before I met Tom. Used to work with him as the group assistant to his Applications Engineer Technical Assistance group. FIL was usually rolling his yes.
Everyone else slammed their phones down and yelled, "Fucking idiots!"
It was kind of a stressful job, and all I did was deliver faxes.

Writer Mom said...

*Forgot to say I hope you feel better.

fineartist said...


I'm kidding, sweetie if you need to take a personal sanity day then honey you take one.

I still think you should write about the zit in your ear....heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. I can't help it, I love that danged story. x's and o's postuli.

Rain said...

My only telephone job was selling weight loss products. I didn't last too long. You sound very good at what you do. And I will never call anyone without my account number handy. Good point. Hope you enjoyed your day off.

zilla said...


In your ear?


beckyboop said...


You B. I can't eeeven believe you mentioned that! Now Zilla wants to hear about the zit in my ear.

beckyboop said...

I want all of you to know I do not feel this way about all of my customers.....only a few. Really, most of them are fine; some of them fun even. I had a great vacation day! Very relaxing. My neck and shoulders feel great.

Cheryl said...

oo i hate a zit in the ear - they are right on cartilage so really really sore to touch yet you cant leave them alone, and they are always solid little bastards and hard to get to and you can never get two damn fingernails in there to put the squeeze on -and - um, I'll just get back under my rock, now.
Sympathy and empathy anyway; enjoy your day off and hurry up with those pictures!

pearl said...

i used to be a telemarketer and i hated hung up on and cussed out, but a few of the people were nice....