Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The Third in the Series of Hauntings

This is dedicated to my Sassy...BOO HA HA

All the small occurrences kept happening; at that point, scary yes, but not terrifying. Everyone in the house had witnessed these occurrences except for my step dad Pops. He thought we were all crazy. He even thought it was funny. So, Mr. Funny decides he is going to scare the hell out of us. As you may have heard, Mom and Pops had dabbled in the witchcraft. Pops finds a book on witchcraft and a tape recorder. He picks some scary incantation out of the book and records it. He then leaves to work at the bar that evening and calls us. "Hey, I've taped something on the recorder I want you to hear," he says laughing. Tommy and Brian, tucked away in bed, me, Mom, and Crystal were awake. We didn't know, so we played the tape. Over the recorder, the incantation started. In a low pitched, methodical voice, Pops' voice was heard. I don't even remember what he recited. I don't even think it was in English. All that I remember was hearing the word "Beelzebub (devil)" mentioned two or three times. Oh yes, it scared us. A chill came over all three of us. All of us looked at each other in dismay and couldn't believe he did this. I thought it was sick and twisted. To this day, I feel this opened some door and invited God only knows what kind of evil into our home.

We all went to bed and all was quiet. Then, Pops came home after the bar closed. He was in his bedroom getting ready for bed when all hell broke loose. It woke us all from a sound sleep. All paranormal activity was taking place on the second floor. I woke up to the shutters on the windows rattling and banging loudly. It sounded like bowling balls were being rolled across the floor. When you looked out the windows on the second floor, it was raining and storming outside. The noises were deafening and violent. We all came out of our rooms terrified. Pops? What was he doing? He came jaunting out of his bedroom in his underwear waving his 357 around trying to find something to aim at and shoot. I remember Mom asking him, "What in the hell are you going to do, kill it?" We all went downstairs. It was the strangest thing, it wasn't storming outside on the first floor. The night was calm....back upstairs, storming....down stairs, calm. Quite frankly, I do not recall how the night ended or when everything quieted. I think we all ended up sleeping in the same room.

The time line of when things happened is fuzzy from here...Maybe two days later, we were all going out to dinner. We were in the first floor living room waiting to leave. Pops came walking out of the first floor bathroom in his green leisure suit. He didn't make eye contact or even speak to any of us. He just walked to the front door, opened it, and walked out. We all looked at each other oddly and Mom said, "Okay, I guess we're leaving." We got up and followed. Out the front door we went. We looked around and no one was there. Where did he go? He was nowhere to be found outside. Suddenly, we heard something inside and it was Pops coming down the stairs. "Are you guys ready to go?"......What do you do? How do you react? All of us afraid in our own home, of what? What was it? How did it do that? Why did it do that?

Crystal and I slept with Tommy in his room after that. All of the bedroom doors on the second floor were louvered doors. You could hear everything going on out in the house. Nothing ever happened in the bedrooms. We never saw any apparitions after the first sighting Crystal and I had witnessed. Everything after was noises, moving objects, sensations of cold, and a sense of the presence of evil. I can remember going to bed at night scared to death. We would close the bedroom door and it would start. You would hear the attic door open, foot steps coming down the stairs and then horrible noises. Books being thrown from the book case, the sounds of bowling balls going across the floor, shutters rattling. You would work up the courage to open the bedroom door and look out, and everything would be perfectly in its place.

Maybe a few more days went by and Crystal and I devised a plan of escape. I called the bus station, found out how much the tickets were back to Kansas City. We stole the exact amount out of Pops' billfold and moved in with our Dad. We just could not deal with the uncertainty of our life, sanity, and safety in that house.

There will be one more story after this one that will be based on the story my Mother tells of what happened before they finally moved. I did not witness any of it. Things escalated beyond belief. Until then.....Happy Halloween.


Sassy said...

:D Wow...that is scary. The things your mom said cracks me up. There is no way I could stay in that house. That is some creepy shit. Thanks for the post my Becky :D

I can't wait to hear the last story! :p

fineartist said...

They did, they opened a door.

Call it the power of suggestion, call it planting a seed, call it whatever, those f-ers planted a fear of the occult in us.

Even before leaving KC.

They opened that door far enough that every freaking one of us has had that same overwhelming sense of fear, dread, desperation, of evil trying to attach itself to us.

The same time that was happening to you I was freaking out down here, staying at grandma's farm house by myself, not the hippy house, the one she sold on the highway...

The little room off from my bedroom, it was like ten by eight, small, all windows and light, but from the moment I tried to set up a studio in it I felt that feeling, that feeling that I wasn't really welcome in there.

Tom and Crystal remember, maybe, they were there shortly after Gary died. Tom had claimed it as his room, for about ten minutes then he was in bed with me and Crysy in short order.

Crystal tried to kick him out of the bed. She wrestled him around, and you know Crysy was tough, pushed him down had her legs all wrapped around him with green boogers coming out her nose. Tom took his legs and pushed her upper body down onto the bed and said, "You can sleep in there if you want to, I'm NOT."

Then the dreams of demonic paralysis started for me, when I was alone in that house. Where I would be trying to wake up, trying to throw myself from the bed, trying to drag myself to the door, to light, to somewhere, anywhere but trapped in the dreams.

Evil swirling all around, devil faces, hideous noises, garbled speech, trying to recite the Our Father, it coming out backwards. Deano told me that if I counted to five with my right hand that I could break the paralysis....and sometimes it worked, sometimes not.

Pops telling Mike's fortune, and scaring the absolute hell right out of him. Grabbing him by the collar and telling him, "You, you, don't see it do you?" Mike was like, "What the hell man? You're freakin' me out." Mike told me later that pops told him things that no one on earth knew, except him and God.

I'm gonna go puke now.

Love, Lori

Rain said...

Oh man, what a story, yours and Lori's. When you said they dabbled in witchcraft and he invoked the devil, I knew it wasn't going to go well. Yeah, that is just not good for children. I'm sorry that you and Lori went through so much STUFF! But you two certainly are strong and interesting women.I love you both.

fineartist said...

Oh Rainy, we love you too.

pearl said...

oh holy hell!!!!!! You two are two very strong women to survive that kinda stuff!!!!!

Im shaking in my desk chair just reading it.......

Sir James E. Watkins said...

I have stories that can't be logically explained. This is such a story, and I love it! I'm enthralled. I'm aptiently awaiting the next installment to the series, or conclusion, what have you. It's good stuff, that's all I know. Well, I know a lot, but, let's just say I'm not telling...at this time.

Hope you're okay.

your friend, James....

Sir James E. Watkins said...

or patiently.

Hawaiianmark said...

Uji feelings on that story.

Lori knows the meaning of 'Uji'...

Someday I gotta post a spook tale or three. Theres def some ghosts hanging around this aina (land).

I cant explain how I felt when they had that story on NPR, I knew somewhere in my addled brain I knew something about the Riders, but it escaped me. The wash of pride for your group just kinda unfolded over me. It is so refreshing to see a group that is concerned about decency in the treatment of loved ones who have lost, as well as those who have sacrificed. When I finally put 2 + 2 together, and Lori's comment, even more proud I was.

Thats the thing about this Blog stuff. It makes the world so small - to feel a genuine feeling of gratitude over something like this, just makes me smile.

It seems there are so few that really take the time to thank those that do this service, or any selfless act of caring nowadays, we are all so selfcentered, even me and us at times. But this sort of group opens the eyes a bit to see what we are capable of.

My Father-in-law rode for years on a '61 Harley, kick start. He could take that sucker apart, and put it back together blindfolded. He knew how many turns of the socket for each nut, screw, or bolt.

For my wife to ride, she had to kick it herself, no other requirements. She did at 16, and rode it as well as he did.

Me, I stick to the water.

Great big Aloha'a to you, yours and all the riders.

Mahalo. (thanks)

Hawaiianmark said...

Before I forget, just to make the world even smaller...

My Mom is a born and raised Kansas Girl. Bern, and Sabetha. I dont think they even exsist anymore. We visited her family, what was left, in 1970. It was smaller than small then, I cant imagine its still there now.

Aloha's again!

zilla said...

Chills up & down my spine reading this stuff. What were they thinking??? I'm so glad you kids had each other!