Sunday, November 05, 2006

Toys for Tots Motorcycle Run

My man and I went on a motorcycle run today; Toys for Tots. It was great to get out for a good cause. The sun was shining. It was a perfect clear, crisp 55 degree day. It felt good to get the wind in my hair and my knees in the breeze.

The mission of the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve Toys for Tots Program is to collect new, unwrapped toys during October, November and December each year, and distribute those toys as Christmas gifts to needy children in the community in which the campaign is conducted.

We had a police escort which completely shut down a highway for a ten mile ride. We left the Harley Shop and ended up at The Woodlands Horse and Dog Race Track. On the way, there were people standing on the side of the highway waving. I waved back with my biker-princess wave. (I cuss to much to be any other kind of princess.) When we got there, we gave our toys to the nice Marines who loaded 'em in a truck for all of the boys and girls.

There was probably about 300 bikes and about 50 hot rod and classic cars as well. I even ran into the motorcycle cop who taught my motorcycle safety class. What a sweetie, he let me take his picture. In class he wasn't as sweet, he was more like a drill sergeant. I guess he needed to be. What he taught me was invaluable.

We ate some chili, had a coke and went home. A good time was had by all.


Sassy said...

I wanna go! Actually, im going on a ride soon too. I should take pictures :)

beckyboop said...

Can't wait to see your pics Sassy!

ron st.amant said...

hey thanks for the birthday wishes at Ange's blog :)

Cheryl said...

What a lovely day out!

fineartist said...

Hey you,

yeah you,

cool girl,

looks like you had fun on that run with the wind in your hair and...oh what was it you said? Oh yeah, your knees in the breeze. Heeeeeee.

You do good work in this life, right on...

Mom called me yesterday...her first words to me were, "Have you heard about Bill? He's in the hospital..."

I said, "My dad's in the hospital again?"

mom: "No, your brother Bill."

Just thought I'd let ya know, you know, in case she calls you too.

And she said that she's cleaning her house on 52nd street, said there was dog hair balls even on the ceiling. Poor mom, she sounded worn smooth.

I tried to post all of this yesterday but I think blogger was on holiday...

lovie lovie, Lori

Sir James E. Watkins said...

Now, that's the shizzlemenizzle!

Not sure what that means. I just thought it sounded good. But I am offten wrong.

You don't need me to tell you this, but I will anyway, you guys are some good people doing good things on some good-looking bikes.

Now, that cool.


~ James

Sir James E. Watkins said...

And I often spell often wrong. another flaw of many....

beckyboop said...


My big typo is the word is "the". I always type it "teh". Why? I dunno.


Sir James E. Watkins said...

Good morning, Becky boo!

Rain said...

Becky- you are one cool biker princess.

Rain said...

Becky- you are one cool biker princess.

zilla said...

Here's to you & Randy, and to all your good deeds coming back atcha ten-fold.

We've definitely noticed fewer bikes on the roads as the weather cools. In fact, Moose just gassed up the crotch rocket yesterday so he could park it for the winter. Bummer, drag, eh? Hope you get to ride as much as you please during the winter months, Ms Biker Princess :-)

LZ Blogger said...

Becky ~ What a GREAT way to support a GREAT cause! ~ jb///

fineartist said...

Hey boo, it looks like our blog buddies have titled you the biker princess, can I be the b*tch queen now?


Or b*tch goddess, or is that Crystal?

And what the hell was I? I don't even remember, but I know it ended in b*tch. Refresh my memory, my biker princess.

You know, they got it right don't ya? You are a cool Ms. biker princess.

I'm sitting here after renueing my subscription to norton anti virus, waiting for up dates.

I was in instant messenger a couple of hours ago talking to some people and then I checked my off lines, and several of them, from the same person with the same message, had a link to press, so you know me....Yeah, I pressed the damn link, and BAM,

it started sending mass IM's from me to all the people on my contact list....So every body who was on line starts telling me...and I'm like, "Don't click that damn link, it's a virus."

So now I am still trying to repair the damage, and then I have to go back into messenger and warn everybody not to click that damned able, link.


Fricka frackin machines...

fineartist said...

The above message was NOT spell checked.


Love ya, mean it!

Kelley Bell said...

Toys for Tots Rocks!

You are an activist wondergirl!

Love and Hugs from Ohio

pearl said...

you guys are awesome! everyone else said pretty much what i wanted to say, so im just gonna repeat myself, you guys are awesome!

Lily said...

Wow a biker too...I'm jealous. I want some biker rebellion!!!!

Hawaiianmark said...


Father-In-Law used to do the ride also.

Great event


Writer Mom said...

Oh Heroes, my heroes.

(Listening to Johnny Cash singing "Swing Low." Odd morning.)

You're the bees breezy knees, Ma'am. Months pass and I sit sulky, wishing for change, and really I just want to do stuff & know people who do. Keep the Sunday dresses and give me a group of folks making things happen any day!
That's you and yours. Doing great stuff.
One of these days I'm gonna follow you with my don't be alarmed. Sounds weird, but it just means I like you a lot.

(I really wish Zilla wouldn't mention Moose and crotch rocket in the same post. That son of hers is one incredibly handsome young man.)

There is nothing bitchy about Lori. Maybe we should call her the "Paintbrush Princess." Kinda weird name now that I look at it. Could make a line of dolls out of you sisters, though. Biker princess comes with Harley and helmet & heart of gold. Paintbrush princess comes with Moses, easel and a red beret. Creativity inspiring smokes sold separately.

Who knew Johnny Cash would make me ramble so much?

I'm passing this info along to the Iraq Marine veteran/motorcycle enthusiast in my life. Seems like the perfect match up for him.

Askinstoo said...
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Askinstoo said...
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fineartist said...

Beck, I deleted the last two comments they were spam.

Now I'm going to turn on your word verification. xx

beckyboop said...

Thanks for looking out for me sis. Did you see what Ange wrote about us? She cracks me up...

Love ya bunches,

Becky xxxooo

Rain said...

Hey there, we miss you. When's the next update?

Sassy said...

Yeah what Rain said! We miss you, get to blogging! :p

fineartist said...

Beck, are you awake?

Call me, it's too late for me to call you.

Lovin spoons full.

Jo said...

Hi honey :-) Thanks for looking in to see me...

Looks like you had a great day here :-)