Sunday, August 20, 2006

My Walmart Visit and pickles

Okay, I got nothin'. I can't think of anything to write about. Then, I thought about the highlight of my day.

Devin and I went to Walmart. We are checking out. The cashier was a middle aged man, kind of nerdy, he had very thick glasses, a 1920's haircut and a plaid shirt on. Something was amiss about him. He was a little different, kinda special, if ya know what I mean. The plaid shirt wasn't the big plaid squares, it was fine lined small squared plaid. I hope that makes sense because the plaid shirt is what made my day.

I ask the cashier, “How are you doing.” He says with a very puzzled but concerned tone, “I'm having a weird day.” I say, “Oh, you've had a lot of strange customers today, huh?” He said, “No, a weird day. Every time I lean to close to the scanner,” as he points at his plaid shirt, “my shirt rings up dill pickles. It took me half the day to figure it out why I kept ringing up dill pickles.”

Jod bless him, he looked so serious and didn't even crack a smile when he said it. Devin and I looked at each other and a delayed laughter hit us. We couldn't help it. I said, “That's kinda funny”. He didn't respond. He just kept his head down, scanning and sacking, scanning and sacking. So, of course, Devin and I starting laughing again, but we quickly stifled it because the cashier was seriously stressed about it.

All I could think about after I left was, “How many people paid for dill pickles today that didn't buy any?” I kept picturing him ringing up dill pickles and freaking out, two, three times in row as he moved to and fro in front of the scanner. “What, what's going on?” (hee hee)

When I got home, I checked my receipt. If I would have seen dill pickles on it, I swear, I would have died..


zilla said...

Do you think he was serious, about his shirt scanning as pickles? Maybe you were on one of those hidden camera shows. Man, I just want to go to walmart now and scan random patterns to see what the scanner thinks they are.

Man, the dill pickle inventory is gonna be WAY off if that guy didn't change his shirt!

Sassy said...

You should have asked him "what kind of pickles" hehe

beckyboop said...

My life is so boring right now to write about the pickle plaid shirt as being a highlight in my day. Boop, bread, boop, eggs, boop, boop, pickles, pickles. I'll try to think of something more interesting next time. Forgive me!


zilla said...

Becky! Look at it like I do (if you want to): a boring life is a blessing if only because of all of the drama that isn't in it anymore.

I'd take a boring night in front of five hours of "Full House" over a crackhead screaming for the $20 she thinks my kid ripper her off for in my backyard at two in the morning any day.

Screw English. You KNOW what I mean. I mean, boring can be a blessing.

And I love your more than open-faced brown sugar and butter on white bread.

Holly said...

Mah Dar Becky,

Zilla's right, a boring life is a good life, so to speak. You know I have to believe that, or I would go quickly insane. Ok, ok, I'm already insane.

But to spice things up, you could have a little fun at other people's expense! That's what I do. For example, I would have told the cashier, "Maybe God is trying to tell you that you should dedicate your life to dill pickle farming." And then I would have stared at him real hard, whispering bible verses. Hilarity would then ensue!

Also, if you're looking for subject matter to post about, I think you should consider the haunted house you lived in. And if you don't want to post about it, I will call you, so you can tell me the story again. Shivers! Also, I really do think you should audio blog the story about Lori and the gym class!

(insert evil laughter)

Love ya,

p.s. People who live in Arkansas don't own shoes, it's a prerequisite for living here. Therefor, I cannot particiapte in the meme. Ha ha.

ariel said...

lol, that is just too freaking funny. Even boring days have their moments. :)

fineartist said...

Heeeeeee, his shirt rang up dill pickles?

Rae and Samps are still cracking up.

And of course I think it's a riot too.

I can't wait to tell Mitch. One time when he worked at Wal-mart this old guy came in to return a "clock" that didn't work. Said he hammered a ten penny nail into the wall and hung the clock on it, and nothing, it just continued to read 000, or something. Mitch said, well, let me see the clock. The guy pulls it out of the bag...only the clock was really a digital bathroom scale. So Mitch puts it on the floor, steps on it and says, "Looks like it works fine to me..."

I think Wal-mart is a breading ground for humor myself.

love, Lori

beckyboop said...


I know what ya mean. I don't mind boring nights. I just need to do something fun and write about it. Don't need any chaos anymore. You know I've experienced enough of that in my life.

Awww. You love me more than open-faced brown sugar and butter on white bread.

Love you too, more than Cherry Mashes. I'm going to have to send you one of those one day.

Becky :)

Holly said...

Hey....what about me?! I don't get a holla? :(

Writer Mom said...

Seriously, let's get jobs at Walmart. I was walking through a few days ago and thought, "I could get SO MUCH material here!"

Gargh! I'm starving for dill pickles right now. Or dill pickle potato chips.
I'd have to go to Walmart to get some at this hour.
*I'm telling Tom you find plaid shirts funny, btw. He has one he wears all the time that I would LOVE to burn.

Kelley Bell said...

I want to scan myself and see what sort of a fruit I really am!


Sarah said...

that has to be the funniest thing I've heard in a while.

thanks for the hearty belly laugh. what a riot!