Thursday, August 10, 2006

I'm going to see Lori!

Ahhhh! Devin and I are leaving to go see Lori tomorrow. I can't wait to see Sammy, Mike, Mitch, Milesy, Rachel, and Jordie! We'll be leaving tomorrow evening. Lori and I are going to blog together, so look out, we will be a tag team. I miss all of them sooo much!

Here we come sis! Wooo, woo. Randy said if I break my leg, get food poisoning, or drunk and have a hang-over...Don't even bother to come home.

I must be very careful. I must not eat at the Chinese restuarant in Buffalo, and only one drinky for me.

We must go flee marketing again! I promise I will not run out to my car to get anything as to not hurt myself... I'll send Devin. It will be a boo boo free weekend.

I can't wait!


Jo said...

Enjoy hon :-)

Been to Buffalo a couple of times. Mostly to the SUNY campus there. Memories: Chicken wings. Good art gallery. Niagara. Er, that's about it. Guess there's loads more :-)

Sassy said...

Awesome! I can't wait to read the tag team blog. You two don't get into too much trouble now! :P

zilla said...

Give that fine sister of yours a big hug from me! And one for yourself, too!

pearl said...

have fun!! it must be nice to have a sister, and be that close to her...i was cursed with three brothers instead....

fineartist said...

Boo boo free weekend sounds like a winner to me, or a wiener if we're not careful. (I'm not sure what that is supposed to mean, but it sounded good in my head, so I'm leavin' it.)


I can't help it, I see you and all of the sudden I want to party, throw back a few, kick my heals up and dance, smoke, cuss, wear holey patchy jeans, let my hair friz, do something entirely rebellious and irresponsible, and of course stay up all night long laughing, crying and laughing some more.

It's kind of the same knee jerk reaction I have when I see the old Cheech and Chong movie, the first one, the others pretty much sucked. Yee-up.

I am so frappin' EXCITED that you are coming, I can barely contain myself.

Samsonite said you are in Sedalia now...oh hell, and here I sit in my old white raggedy boxer shorts, and a wife beater--no I would never beat MY wife--my hair is in a skanky braid, I'm in bad need of a manicure, and I still have three frappin' syllabi's to write. (I would rather say syllabuses, but pfft, who cares?)

See you in and hour and a half. I need to get in that tub pronto!

Anticipation aint it great?

Lovey lovey, and all that other sickening sappy soapy stuff, Lori

Jess said...

Have a great time!!!

zilla said...

You girls are too, too much. Loved the peace of a$$ pic -- that was surely your idea, wasn't it?

Do this again! Host it at your house!

zilla said...

Tagged you for a meme, honey. Wanna play?

Sarah said...

oh, I am already seeing the ramifications of you two combined ruthlessly blogging amuck in the blogosphere!

and I'm liking it :o)

wishing you a happy trip, no boo-boos, and moderated drinkies. me thinkies it is going to be a great time!

Sir James E. Watkins said...


Just stoppin' by to say hello, you crazy kid.

You bes be good now. You hear? lol!

Be well and safe.

~ James