Sunday, December 03, 2006

My Road to a Happy Hysterectomy

See my newest post at the Grumpy Old Bitches website.


fineartist said...

Oh Becky I'm sorry I forgot that you had to go back to work tomorrow, honey.

When I talked to you today I completely forgot to wish you a good day back. It is so much hell being absent minded sometimes.

It'll all be okay, you'll remember everyone's names, and if you don't you'll remember their nicknames.

Sending you boockoos of good mojo, not the sessy mojo, but the healing mojo.

love too.

Dita said...

Lots of healing going around!

Be well

Anonymous said...

I'll just go hide my maleness now.

Hope you get back to feeling great.


Holly said...

Hey lady. Grumpy Old Bitches? But're not old! tee hee.

Anyhoo, guess who's computer is working again? : )

Love ya long time,

Anonymous said...

Becky hon. Post :-) Missing you...



Anonymous said...

I read your post, and Lori's too.

and am wishing you both lots of sunshine and happiness, and good good health.