Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Back to work

Sorry for not posting...I've started back to work last Monday and am having problems with readjusting my time management skills.

I went back to work and it is just as if I never left. I was proud of myself. I remembered everyone's names and how to do my job! Whoo woo. I missed all of my co-workers so much. Today, my employer celebrated my 10th year anniversary with the company with a dessert bar for all. They printed up a nice little pamphlet with all of the news worthy events, popular TV series, movies, and music from 1996. It was cute. All employees came and congratulated me and enjoyed cheese cake and strawberry shortcake. It was nice to see all of them. I was allowed 1 ½ hours free from my responsibilities to enjoy.

I'm still in the process of catching up with all of the company's upcoming changes and all workplace gossip. Let's see... Starting in January we are going to get paid bi-weekly. Our co-pays on our insurance for all doctor appointments are going from $10 to $20. Our prescription co-pays will double as well. We are moving to a new location in February. And...many, many more. When we move, I'll be working in the same building as my sister Judy. I can't wait. We have a gym there and Judy and I will be doing an aerobics class twice a week. It will be absolutely wonderful working with her again.

I'll post again when I have more time. In the meantime, hugs and Happy Holidays to all!


beckyboop said...


I have been trying to leave a comment on your post to no avail. So, here it is...

"People who hurt the most often have the most to give."

"We teach what we need to learn."

There is so much truth in your post.

I have gained so many friendships and connections as well. I have received wonderful advise, affirmations, and have been touched by everyone's human story, including yours.

I will have to check out this book. The whole human race finally reaching out one to another and becoming interdependent sounds incredibly uplifting.

Bless you too, honey!

Anonymous said...

how cool you'll be in the same building as your sister... AND you'll have a gym there to go to as well and work out together. that's awesome!

and a dessert bar? damn woman! you work for a good company. that was really sweet what they did to celebrate the big 1-0 :o)

time management is a tricky thing. hope you find creative time to yourself to splurge when you can. it's good for ya!

Holly said...

Hi Becky. Congrats on your 10th anniversary. I wonder if anybody else from our training class has made it as long as you have? It's really an accomplishment, that's fo sho.

Also wondering if you're heading to Lee's Summit? Hope not, cause that would be a heck of a drive for you. Hopefully, you're moving somewhere closer, but it is great you'll be working with Judy again.

Glad to hear you're doing well, and I can't wait to talk to you!

Love and hugs,
holly hoo

Jess said...

Congrats on your 10 yrs! I admire that because apparently the only thing I've been able to do for 10 yrs is be a mom..lol Not a bad job though. Keep on rockin Beck :)

Sir James E. Watkins said...

Change can be good. It sounds like you're happy and diggin' it all. That makes me smile. Be well, Becky Boo. Rock on! And remain the wonderful lady that you are.

~ James

Jo said...

Hi babe. Hey thanks for that. I am getting really p**sed off with people not being able to post on my blog - I'm gonna look at taking it somewhere else where people can post! It's that damn beta thing I think - if you try and post while logged in to your own (old, non beta) blog.

Anyhow - really glad your first day back went well. And working with your sister?! You girls really have quite a dynasty going...how many of you are there!? lol

Rain said...

Happy Holidays to you too Becky, a dessert party sounds so awesome. I am happy for you that you will be working with your sister. Your company sounds like a good one to work for.

fineartist said...
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fineartist said...

Boo? Did I scare ya?

Okay we've talked like ten times over the past few days and lots of this is news.

Man, am I glad I finally got my computer workin so I can hear all the stuff in your brain lately.

How cool that they had a special ceremony for your ten years with the company, I like that, and it doesn't surprise me a bit. People love you honey.

If I know you, and I do, you enjoyed the pamphlet and friendships, more than the deserts, and the hour and a half leisure time at work, now that was a surprise that made you relax and feel their humanity. You've got a heavy stress job, and you deal with it well, with humor and efficiency.

Jo there are loads of us...our mom has 8 biological kids, and two step kids who are Becky Crystal and Tommy's half brother and sister, Marion and Mike, my step sister and brother, but I don't really make the distinction of step, they're family to me. And we have an adopted sister Judy, she's a comfort, and a welcome addition, she was one of the ones who looked after the little ones in the times they fended for themselves.

Is that it Becky? It is isn't it, I'm not forgetting anyone?

Oh Beck it will be cool as heck working with Judy, maybe we can all get together again when Marion comes home, man Judy can cook, and I always feel so safe and nurtured at her house.

Bummer that your insurance co pay is going up, ours is at thirty bucks now, so I hear ya chicky.

You're gonna be doing the aerobics classes, gettin out there and moving it to music with Judy, that would be fun, I could dig that too. Only we'd all be laughing like fools, still there's health in laughter.

Hugs and I'm gonna go to dad's like on the 21st, I think, or maybe I'll come to your house on the 21st and then go to dad's on the 22nd. I have to be home on the 23rd because we get Mousy for that day and Christmas eve, and Mitch wants us to go see Errogan, or Aragon, Dragon or, oh, you know the book that he read that he originally thought had something to do with the Lord of the Rings...

The holidays they are looking to be a blur, but a nice loving one too.

I love you, mush mush, gush gush.

LZ Blogger said...

Becky ~ Just wanted to wish you and your family a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS! ~ jb///

Anonymous said...

Girls...there are 8 of you?! Love it!!!

You make sure you get that joint blog/post thing going again if you get together over Christmas ;-)

zilla said...

Oh, Becky, it sounds like things are back on the upswing! Squeeeeee! (That's our regional sound for indicating delight -- okay, not regional, it's just Myrtle & me).

I'm so glad for you!

Sassy said...

Glad you are doing ok. :)

I hope you have a wonderful christmas. :)

Holly said...

Hey Miss Thang. Just wanted to let you know I got your awesome e-card, and loved it! Thanks for thinking of me during this crazy time, and I miss you bunches and bunches, and have much to tell.

Love ya,
holly hoo

Anonymous said...

Happy holidaze!

Best to you and yours!


Jean-Luc Picard said...

Happy Christmas to you.

Holly said...


Writer Mom said...

Merry Christmas!!

zilla said...

Merry Christmas, Becky!

Sassy said...

When ya gonna update? :p

fineartist said...

Yeah, what Sassy said.

And oh boo, do you remember that kid lance spent the night with, old boop, boop? Heeeeeeeeee, I just thought of that when I looked at your name.

Boop. Boop, boop. Man those boys are nuts. Heeehhe.