Wednesday, November 22, 2006

I've been busy

Thursday the 16th, I went to the dentist to get my permanent caps; my canine, the tooth behind it, and the tooth behind that one. Ya know, after I got rid of utie and the girls, I've been a little moody. It's kinda like my sensor is broken. Normally, we sensor our thoughts before spewing them out. So anyways... The dentist put in my new crowns and asked me what I thought. I spewed, "They look like like crap." (A few months back I would have said, "Ya know, I'm not happy with these, can we modify them somehow?") The dentist then pulled out a tongue depressor and started showing me how even and perfect they were. I look again, my canine crown was huge and was kind of crooked and lapped over the front tooth, I spewed again. "I don't like them. I have to look at this crap every day for the rest of my life. I liked the temporary crowns. They looked great. "He again explains how perfect they are. I said, "Fine just leave them in then. "The dentist said, "Okay, we'll take the crap out of there then. I'll send them back and match them to your temporaries. Now, I'm going to go see the woman in the room next to you. She's nice!" (Truly, he said all of this in a joking manner and I did apologize for my lack of filtering abilities.)

He had me set an appointment for the next day at noon.....They did a rush job and and my crowns back the next morning. They called me at 9:00AM on Friday the 17th, and asked if I could come in. I'll tell ya, I was there in a flash. There was another woman in the waiting room when I arrived. I'm pretty sure I took her appointment time. The dentist came out and explained to the woman that I was mean, and he would have to see me first.....
Damned skippy I'm mean, but I have some nice lookin' teeth!

I then went to help Randy's family clean an apartment that some crack heads finally moved out of. The place was trashed! This is not the first time doing this in the apartment building Randy's sister insisted the company purchase because it was a good investment... Usually when we clean and paint we start at about 9-10 in the morning. My sister-in-law always comes strolling in around 1-2 in the afternoon. It never fails. So, she did her usual... "Okay, I'm here, what do you want me to do? "My sensor being broken and all, I spew, "Where have you been? We're almost finished now. "Defensively, she claims she has been doing paperwork all morning. Now, I know for a fact she doesn't get out of bed before 11 or 12. Randy then pulls her into the other room and apologizes for me and explains to her how it's just my hormones I can't hear him... I spewed, "I'm just being honest. "He then comes to me and whispers, "Be nice." Whatever! All of his family had been dogging her all morning before she got there. They always complain about how she does not pull her weight and spends way too much money on supposed business expences. None of them have the cahonies to say a word. Wussies, I get so tired of walking on egg shells around Miss sensitive/selfish. Hell, somebody needs to tell her. I usually don't say anything about the family business because I don't feel it's my place to. After working my ass off all day, I felt I had the right. The last few days, my father-in-law has been calling her on her bullsh*t. Yeah!!!! Hopefully it has been caught in time before the business is bankrupt.

Damned skippy I'm mean, but I speak the truth.

Saturday the 18th...My friend and I went to a Soldiers' Angels meeting and packed 650 gift bags for soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan filled with candy, apple cider, hot chocolate, chap stick, instant oatmeal, and mugs....I then went out of town to take care of my younger sister because she had a hysterectomy. I'll tell that story at another time.

My Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) is really helping. However, I think we may have to tweak it a bit. I go in on the 29th to determine how we will do that. My panic attacks, hot flashes, night sweats, migraines, and all the other symptoms have been reduced. We will definitely be working on the irratability. I have been keeping a daily log and will post my results for women who are seeking FREE info about my personal experience with a hysterectomy and HRT. I will offer no advise, just my experience.

In between all the doctor's appointments and other things, this mean ol' girl has been busy.


Sassy said... have been busy! Mean old, Becky :p hehehe

I love a woman who can speak the truth dammit! Wish I could do that more often.

Glad your teeth look nice and im glad you are feeling better with the hormones.

Love ya lots! *big hug*

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

Dinner is at 2.

Could you bring the wine?

pearl said...

you are sounding like my mom after she quit smoking! was like her filter broke after all the nicotine left her system, she just started saying what ever she felt like...its hilarious to me glad your ok, i was starting to worry...i get my new perm. crown on the 7th..i hate the temp one, its gold and has a sharp edge on the inside...i told joe i look like a gangsta with my gold tooth, lol....

happy thanksgiving lady, hope you have a great one!

Sir James E. Watkins said...

Thank you for being you, even the "mean" you. Honesty is just blunt sometimes. And sometimes we need to be.

And, from all that I am, I thank you for what you've done for the soldiers. Some of the same men our government deems not old enough to drink alcohol will be old enough to die.

~ James

Betty said...

I call that "spunk". Keep it up.


Cheryl said...

Without the estrogen we act more according to our natural testosterone levels.
No that doesnt make us men, but they dont like losing the monopoly on total lack of tact. Its called plain speaking unless a woman does it, I suspect.

Seriously - I cant have HRT but have bounced back really well just on omega 3 & folic - thats hemp seed, linseed & spinach. I can live with that.

:-) Hugs

Sending you an invite.

fineartist said...

Boo Boo kitty you have NEVER been mean, and I don't think you're being mean now, just honest.

And hon, you have always been honest, maybe not so blunt, but honest, yes.

Me I hem, I haw, I muff around, I don't lie but I don't always come right out with it without making it sound all nicey nicey. Yes I am diplomatic, so much so that I make myself gag.

You, now YOU have always said what I only THINK. I have to doctor up what I think a lot of the time. You, no, you have always come right out with it.

I can give you MANY examples, but one of the times I remember the most was when we were kids at a concert, and we were trying to call and get a ride home. It was a summer jam, The Frampton concert in 1975, I was 14, you were 12, and this drunk guy came over to us while I was on the phone begging grandma to come pick us up, and he said, "Tell your grandma you've already got a ride home."

Before I could say anything you were right up in his face, snarlin' and spitting words out, telling him in no uncertain terms that he could go fock himself.

Then you stomped on his foot and tried to kick him in the nads. I still laugh when I think about that night. (My little attack sister.)

You keep tellin' people the way it is hon, it's one of the things I love about you.

And as much as you are having to pay for those crowns...well you should be able to tell the guy they look like shizzle if they do. I mean really...what was HE thinking?

Love ya more than dancing, Lori

Hawaiianmark said...

Keep on it, Damn mean ol' skippy!

Spunk! I like that one, spunkiness is good. Honest as a heartattack works too!


Anonymous said...

my husband just went through a several week ordeal with dentists/caps/teeth/pain.. finally resolved.. a very good thing.. take care.. I enjoyed reading your blog! :)

Rain said...

Yes, you sound very busy. I wish you the best with the hormones and I will looking to hear ( did I just say looking to hear??) how you did with them.

Writer Mom said...

Tom wouldn't call you mean. He'd say you're fiesty and he likes it.

I'm in awe of you sticking up for yourself! I can't even tell a beautician that I don't want moussey diffused under curls. I just sigh and say, "Do what you must."
People need to know. It ain't always pretty, but changes are made. Like it or not, there are those who take advantage of never being called out on their shit.
I'm proud of you. Proud to know you. Understand you've got a lot going on, and appreciative you're so honest.. Maybe I'll get some much needed pluck by association.

I'm running thin on patience myself, but you can have all my extra healing vibes!

word ver = waw said i

So, WAW!

Anonymous said...

thanks for the blog visit today.. send any and all healthful diet stuff my way... need it alllll... take care and have a great rest of Monday... just thing this time tomorrow it'll almost be midweek. yay! (if you're like me tho that's not a good thing necessarily, I've got too much on my list undone.)

LZ Blogger said...

Becky ~ I liked your post on my blog site! Funny about people from CA wanting to come home with you and see your basement too! I have a friend who moved from New Hampsire to Northern California and he said, he still has his basement... but that now, he has to drive from his home (in the hills of Los Gatos to San Jose) 20 miles away to see it in a RENTAL STORAGE unit. I told him he should write a book called "The 20 Mile Drive to My Basement!" ~ jb///

beckyboop said...


Yeh, that's right. Californians may be in driving distance to the desert, mountains, and the ocean, but by gum, we have basements. :)

Jo said...

LOL Becky. Hey giving the 'sensor' a break from time to time is so refreshing! We spend so much time not telling it like it is...well I do anyhow...

And hey, they're you're teeth, it's your money etc etc. I can never find a way to be that asertive when I'm lying nearly flat on my back with a rubber bib on and a mouth full of dental instruments! (enough about what I do in my spare time tho!)


ella m. said...'re supposed to censor thoughts first? Damn it that's where I've been going wrong. No internal monologue.

And i'm ms lori on this one, crowns call a small shouldn't have to fight to get them to look the way you think they properly should.

(Why was he tryinng to convince you of the way they were placed by showing you the results at an odd angle and with a toungue depressor? In all of the daily acts that involve shows of teeth, none of them involve that much contortion. odd.)

Glad you're feeling a bit better. Hopefully that trend continues :)

zilla said...

Blurt. Blurt blurt blurt. Blurt now, and make no apologies unless absolutely necessary. Danged lazy-ass sister inlaws need to hear the truth.

Moose has two crowns coming up -- ka-ching ka-ching! Damned straight they'd better look nice.

Now you can blurt AND flash your beautiful new smile!

Seriously, I think it's good for people to have someone around who speaks the truth and pulls no punches.

fineartist said...

Hey you, yeah you, cool chick, when ya gonna post again? Huh?