Wednesday, April 14, 2010

What keeps me

Am I emotionally, financially bound to this house? Why do I stay? I'm not happy with my job or my personal life. I took these pictures of what binds me right before I started writing. I find them unnerving.

I wish I could save my son.


Sir James E. Watkins said...


Sir James E. Watkins said...
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fineartist said...

You stay because your boy is there.

You can't leave him on his own yet.

You're not ready. But maybe you're getting more ready.

Damned choices. Especially when they don't seem to offer much hope of a better situation, wait, it's the unknown verses the hell you know. Hmm? Is the hell you know beginning to smother your spirit?

Who told us that the unknown was going to be worse? That's what I wanna know, which one of those crazy red headed...did mom grind that into us, or grandma, or both? Or is it human nature to fear the unknown? I'm so used to blaming my weirdness on mom and grandma, every time I fear something I look to them to see if they caused the fear. I really gotta grow up. Hah.

You'll make those decisions, the process has started, I can see it visibly, with your own heart mind and spirit. But I'll be here to encourage you that the unknown isn't necessarily worse, and I'll come up and play when my work stops, and I'll always love you. Gaaaa, how did I make this about me? Sheesh...

Anonymous said...

You will know when you are ready..You're heart will tell you. Listen to it.

Sassy said...

Sometimes I think the things that "keep" us really hold us back. Whatever you decide, we are with you.

Hawaiianmark said...

I am trying to save ours, too.

Man it is a struggle.

Best to you.