Thursday, April 08, 2010

My Plan

The harder I try, the harder I'm falling. I am about to be fired from my job. I have one more chance to meet the metrics and then I'm gone. All calls are recorded. All of my calls are being scrutinized. I'm called in an office to listen to my calls as they pick them apart. I have never been so micromanaged. Fire me already! I need to do a quick sale on my home and get the fuck out of Kansas City before my life is in complete shambles.

No comments necessary.


Hawaiianmark said...

Concentrating all kind o good thoughts your way - Good stuffs to you!


Sir James E. Watkins said...


Sir James E. Watkins said...

Oh yeah.

I'd like to add:

Fuck 'em!

You're the world's greatest Becky.

And I know it.

Jo said...

Hold tight honey. Focus on the Plan B. Can you get out there and try and get something else (in KC or anywhere else?). Try and put your energy into where you're going, what you want next...and don't let them sap you.

Sending hugs xx

fineartist said...

Grrr to offices that are all dressed up and look like they'd be the ideal place to work, a sort of work utopia even, and then when you really get into the thick of it you realize that they are merely an illusion of utopia. Frauds who only make their customers think they've been helped with smoozing and bullshit. You nailed it with being micromanaged to death. For real.

I feel ya. I, me

fineartist said...

I like your new pic, I've not seen Molly on that bed much. I miss her, hug her for me, hug you too for me.

Ange said...

Stupid jerks.

I was thinking of you. Tom was talking about the need for more front office management.

Sassy said...

The bastards!