Thursday, January 29, 2009

My Fish Tank for Jack and Pickles

The Godfather. Please see the video below for commentary.

Looks like there is a little schmuck on the tank. I'll have to take care of that.

I guess you can bring your mom and dad with ya if ya want. Hugs!!



Ange said...

You're the best!

The kids loved this.

Here's what they had to say:

Pick: "Hey, tomorrow, can we come and see her? Puhleese?"

Jack: "Yeah. It's been too long. I remember those fish!"

Pick: "And Molly!"

Jack: "Yeah! She's a good dog."
Their name ideas:

silver dollar fish: (Pick's picks) Flash, Sparkles, & Batman

sharks: (Jack's picks)
Jack, Sam, & Link

catfish in the castle: (this almost started a brawl, but Pick finally won because the boys wanted to go back to the Wii)
Their letters:

Dear Becky,

You're the beautifullest.
We already chose your names!


p.s. Please give Molly a hug.

Dear Becky,

Is the Godfather upside down? I hope he's Okay. He's the best.
I miss you.
Thanks for showing us your fish.
See you tomorrow.


beckyboop said...

I am loving those names!!! Is Midna the Twilight Princess from Zelda? I'll bet the princess only comes out of the castle at twilight. This is why I hardly ever see her. Cool name.

The Godfather looks like he is upside down but he isn't. Hatchet Tetras just have a funny shape like a hatchet or an ax.

Molly sends you both a hug. I will tell Flash, Sparkles, Batman, Jack, Sam, Link and Midna goodnight.

Sassy said...

Awesome! I used to have a tank like that. I need to get me another one, just not as big. hehe

zilla said...

Oh, the blue background is so perfect! Myrt had black when she kept fish, which was slick, but not as soothing as the blue.


Hope those knees are feeling better. Blessed is the child whose aunt will brave the ball pit!

Rain said...

Beautiful tank, it makes me want one.

Ange said...

The day of the Superbowl, we took the kids out for lunch. A pizza place near a local pet store.
Anyway, Jack said he wanted to get a fish, and Pickles said she wanted to name it Becky. :)
(Yes, Midna the Twilight Princess from Zelda. Dang, you know your stuff!)

Unfortunately, the pet store was cleared out. Gone.
So as soon as we come across a fish store, we're getting a Becky.

Just so ya know.

pearl said...

beautiful tank. i just sold mine...didn't have the desire to bother with it pleco died and i was all sad...had him 8 i was that weird? LOL...