Thursday, July 03, 2008

Wooo, wooo, Joe Cocker rocks!

Pam, my sister (Lori's too, of course), went to go see Joe Cocker and The Steve Miller Band last night. Randy got us some sweet tickets, center stage, about 18 rows back. I love that man of mine.

Woooo, wooo....Joe Cocker comes out..."Give me a ticket for an aeroplane. Ain't got time to take a fast train. Lonely days are gone, I'm a going home, my Baby just wrote me a letter." Me, "Pam, it's sprinkling a little". Yes, it started sprinkling the minute Joe came out on stage. Pam and I didn't care. We were standing with our hands in the air, doing the concert-kinda dancing thing. It was great.

It starts raining harder, and harder.....Joe, "You can leave your hat on." Me, "I wished I had a hat. Ah oh Pam, better get out the rain poncho." We are using it like a tarp because we only had one. Rain is dripping off the front of it on our legs and off the back down the back of our pants. It is pouring and we are getting drenched despite our efforts. Fuck it, we are heading down to the stage to see Joe.
Joe, "Unchain my heart, baby let me go." Pam and I doing the concert-kinda dancing thing about three rows back from the stage and in the isle... Little security woman, "Mam can I see your ticket stub? Pam is actually searching her pockets, acting like she can't find it. Whatever, we didn't care, we could take her, we just kept doing the concert-kinda dancing thing. Little security woman, "You are going to have to clear the isle." Me thinking, "Hah, I could kick your ass, so I can't hear you. You are not here. (dance, dance.) " Suddenly Big Security Man rushed in on us, "CLEAR THE ISLES". Me and Pam meekly, "Okay."

Phtt, we have good seats anyway! Pam just wanted to get to the front of the stage so she could throw her bra to Joe. Joe really missed out because of that security guy. He should be fired!

Joe, "You are so beautiful to me." Oh yes, back in the day when we were young and beautiful, we wouldn't have cared about the rain. We would have been dancing and basking in the rain in our jean shorts and wet t-shirts. Now, that we are older and still beautiful, the rain was really suckin'.

Joe, "What would you do if I sang out of tune? Would you stand up and walk out on me?" Me and Pam, " Wooo, I love this song! To hell with the rain!" We were up dancing, hooting....Back up singers, "Do you need anybody?" At that moment, Joe let out his signature scream and the wind started whipping and sheets of rain began to fall. Joe, "Oh, it's gotta be somebody to love. " By this time the Joe and the band on the covered stage were getting wet as well. ....Thunder, lightning, wind, sheets of rain, our poncho flapping... The song ended and so did the concert for us! After the song, everyone jumped out of their seats and were running for cover. Not me and Pam, we were running for the car. Keep on a rockin' Steve, we gotta go!

Hey, who's coming to Kansas City on the 26th? I have tickets to the "Dream Concert" featuring the tribute bands for Pink Floyd, Led Zepplin and the Doors. Wooo, woo, we could all do that concert-kinda dancing thing together!


ZILLA said...

Dammit, sistah, long time no see! But when you come back, you come back in a BIG way!

What I wouldn't give to do the concert-kinda dancing thing wit choo.

Oh -- and I LURVE the new header on your blog. I'd say you have three boobies, but Randy got you Cocker tickets, so he is NOT a boobie!

Now, please try to be more like me, Becky, and just post every time you feed the dog or go to the grocery store or change your panties, and just make it seem like a bigger deal than it really was, because when you don't post, we miss you!

(Sorry 'bout the panties thing. Your sister called me wearing nothing but her skivvies, so I've got panties on the brain.)

fineartist said...

Heh, Zilla tellin' about my panties...hell I met Becky and Ray Dean at the door in my panties yesterday, they were neither surprised or


Zilla can't make it to KC this time dang it, but Ange is coming and I really need to find a few minutes to sit down and call her so we can get our arrangements made. Couldn't call her today, Penny fell down last week and has been crippling around, she called me this morning and needed my help. She was out on the front porch with her ginormous glass of chocolate milk trying to get in the front door, well Amber was trying to open the door at the same time and the chocolate milk went everywhere, she even busted the glass. So Lori to the rescue, shit when I got there Penny was standing on her porch with one crutch scrubbing the damned house. I was like, here you are all bummed up and you pick today to wash the damned siding? WTF? So I finished washing her siding, her porch and then moved her porch furniture around for her. And you know how picky she is, yeah, I just about wore that shit out moving it around for her.

Anywho, I am so jealous that you and Pussypay got to go see Joe Cocker without me, there I said it, and you already know it, I'm redundant like that. But I'm really glad you and Pam went somewhere together, it's about damned time, and I really miss her too. Um but I would have INSISTED we STAY for the Steve Miller band, and since I can't take you and Pam on at the same time, oh wait, alls I'd have to do is hit her in her glass nose, and pull your hair...Do those tactics still work, I wonder? so it's probably a good thing I didn't go, I might have had to poop my pantie or something.

love you

Ange (formerly Writer Mom) said...

Since they're tribute bands, does that mean the joints aren't the real thing? Because I don't want my kids puffing a doobie before they're at least ten and old enough to appreciate it.

Perhaps I'll need to figure out babysitting arrangements.
UNLESS! This turns into a girls thing.
What's the plan?
And how long will it take us to get there?

Call me!
(I can take my camera in, right?)

Sassy said...

Sounds like you had some fun, even though the rain sucked. Wish I could have been there. We could have flashed the security guard for some back stage passes. haha

I freakin love The Doors! I definately have a little bit of Jim in me. I would LOVE to go. But I won't be able to. *pouts*

Sir James E. Watkins said...

A most spectacular time....

The Steve Miller Band was the first concert Tammy and I saw together. We loved it.

I'm going to Bob Dylan. Maybe some day I can express just what this man has meant to me throughout my life.

I'm glad you had a great time.

Rock On! Endless Summer!