Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Labor Day Lake Trip

Me, Devin, and Lori went to the lake over Labor Day weekend. There were some sad moments without my husband there. I had never been without him. We did end up having a fab-a-lus time. No stories really, just some pictures.

Lori captivated all. She had Randy's Mom and sister stretching their backs. I had to grab the camera. All three laying on the ground with their legs up on the furniture. Yes, I did join them. Very, very relaxing.

Me, Lori and some of the kids went swimming. I had to crop Lori's ass out of this one or she would have killed me. Don't let the little school teacher persona fool you. She would have killed me!

Again, Lori has the children mesmerized....captivated. She kinda has her eyes closed and an odd expression, but I like this one....heehee. Go ahead and enlarge it...heehee. She will not kill me for this one. She will only rough me up a bit.

I seem to have a bit of a mohawk going on in this pic. I dunno. We are having some fun.

I saved the best for last. I took Molly on a walk. When we return, she always goes straight for the lake to cool off and get a drink. This time I was ready. I whipped out the camera and started filming. At that exact time, the neighbor's guest decided to walk his dog over. I tried to warn him but it was too late.

My dog does love people and small children, but she does not like other female dogs. I'm so sorry!

P.S. Lori's beautiful man was there. I didn't get any pictures of him. Maybe next time.


fineartist said...

Oh Becky Ann I would soooooo kick your ass if I wasn't laughing so hard...Oh dear Lord in that hideous pic of me and the kids I look DRUNK, and retarded.

Thanks, hehehhehehe.

I think I'd have rather you put my ass in the pic.

poop head,
love ya,

zilla said...

Priceless. I've got every pixel saved to my hard drive... mooooahahahahaaa!

Sassy said...


Looks like you had a great time. Wish I could of been there.

Gotta love mama Lori..


Ange (formerly Writer Mom) said...

*I think Lori gave you permission to post her ass. Yay!!

I wanna come next year.
I'll leave my bitches home.

LZ Blogger said...

Becky ~ I am SO SORRY to hear about your loss of Randy. My thoughts are with you! ~ jb///

Becky said...

I think you are right, Ange. Next picture I take with Lori ass will be posted.

beckyboop said...

I mean Lori's ass

Holly said...

You girls are awesome. Both of you captivate me! (and that molly, too) :)

Green tea said...

Looks like "The Arteest" killed some of your Pictures.
Good Sister!!! :D

alan said...

I love the photos and the video...poor doggy will never do that again!

Bet her walk was finished at the point as well...hope her fur dried before she got home!

Thinking of you always...


pearl said...

glad you had a good weekend.....too bad your molly doesnt like other dogs...my molly loves to make new friends....

fineartist said...

Did you just call me Lori ass, as in Lori, the ass?


love shot,