Monday, September 10, 2007

Randy did a little work

My man did a little work on Lori's Dad's house. She wanted me to post them on blogger. So, here it is.
He weeded the flower beds, mowed, painted the basement, and unfinished trim, power washed the back of the house, and laid the flooring in the bathroom. The biggest accomplishment was power washing the deck. Whew, what a difference. It was a grey-black-green color and looked like it needed to be replaced.... It almost looks brand new!!
Whataya think Lori?


fineartist said...

Oh man Randy that is amazing, the deck looks NEW. The floor is beautiful, and the yard is cared for.

Thank you,


and, well, thank you.

Mooey, mooey,

ZBTzahBTzoo said...

Randy is the BOMB! Just look at that neat & tidy landscape and that sparkling-like-new deck! And I haven't seen bathroom flooring that slick since the last time my kids remembered where the hamper is, which was ... never. If that sweet little piece of real estate is going to be listed soon, handy Randy just added handsomely to the price it'll fetch.

When does he get his own show on HGTV?

(Lori! You sure lucked out in the brother in-law department, didn't you!)

Anonymous said...

Holy cow..I thought that deck was new..Can you hear me over the roar of the applause for Randy? Should I get a little louder? OK..GOOD JOB RANDY!! I GOT PLENTY OF YARD WORK AND ECT HERE IF YOU GET BORED! JUST SAYIN...:p

Ange (formerly Writer Mom) said...

Great work!

How are you guys at repairing siding on barns?
Planting replacement trees?
Repairing fences?
Or turning stallions into geldings?

pearl said...

awesome job randy!!! the house looks great!

Sassy said...

Sweet. Is it for rent, I need a place to move to! :p

Sir James E. Watkins said...

Randy's a good man, doing good things.

Good deal. Good things make me smile.

Be cool.

And Be Well.

Mind. Body. And Soul.

beckyboop said...

Thanks for all the coments guys. Oh, how I love that man of mine...He rocks!!!!!

Holly said...

Loving you. I would visit you on myspace, but my ol' puter is just too slow to load those dagdum pages. So I must be loving you from blogger. Loving you!

Kel-Bell said...

Ya-all have such a great family.

Lori has been in my thoughts lately, and I'm so glad to see she has you and Randy nearby.