Monday, March 19, 2007

The Bathroom has been painted!

I have missed you all so much. I have been so busy with painting, reorganizing and cleaning, I haven't had much time to blog.

In the middle of all of, Lori came to visit. And yes, she helped me with all of it. I painted my bathroom a very bright yellow. There isn't really anything special about my bathroom except for THIS BEAUTIFUL, ORIGINAL MURAL, FINE ARTIST PAINTED ON THE WALL! This is Lori's blank canvas.

This is the finished MASTERPIECE! I LOVE it! I also love my sister very, very much. Thank you Lori. You are the greatest sister and artist in the the world!

Poor Lori. I worked her to death. We finished painting the kitchen and redecorated it as well.

All is well at my home. I'm lovin' the new look. I'll post pictures of my kitchen next. We still have the downstairs rec-room to go, and it is a wreck, but it will not be for long. Oh, did I tell you Lori is the greatest sister and artist in the world?!!!!


fineartist said...

Oh my jod is my boob laying on your arm? Oh sweet jelly beans, I think it is.

Did I fall down after that picture was taken?

We were so ding dongy that night, but I had fun, u huh, yep.

And--quit it...but I'm glad you love it. That's one of the reasons I enjoy painting for you, because you love me, and so you love everything I do, more or less.

I think I NEED some of that coffee you turned me on to, and one of those fancy machines, maybe.

Mooy mooy

Rain said...

Look at you two gorgeous women! And the mural is spectaculor. I want one Lori - Can I fly you in? My bathroom is perriwinkle- got any ideas?

fineartist said...

Rain, Becky's kitchen is in perriwinkle too, right on, I love perriwinkle, my daughter's wedding was in perriwinkle, the cake was to die for, all white with different tints and shades of perriwinkle flowers. It was almost too pretty to cut.

Hell yeah I'll paint you a mural, and you don't have to fly me in, I think we could arrange something this summer.

Beck, Brian added me to his friends list, haaaaaaaa! You should sign up so you can chat em up too.

James Eric Watkins said...

that looks fanfuckingtastic!

ron st.amant said...

Welcome back and the bathroom looks great and what a lovely mural!!!

Sassy said...

Awww...Lori is the are you, Becky!

I just love the both of you! :XO

LZ Blogger said...

Becky ~ Your sis really came in handy here! NICE WORK TOO! ~ jb///

pearl said...

beautiful!! and welcome back both of you. i missed you guys!

Writer Mom said...

When your house is taken down, I'm coming over with a (saw that cuts through walls) and taking that piece of artwork back to my nursing home.

I've missed you guys! But clearly you're doing great things. Yellow is so cheerful. I'd be sitting on the john with big smiles.

You're both fantabulous gals. Love seeing your smiles in the same frame!

Jo said...

Hey I'm soooo late with this reply, but this mural is fabulous!!!

ZBTzahBTzoo said...

I do not understand why bloglines is so tardy in notifying me of your posts, but DAMN, I resent it! I thought you had run off to Vegas or something!

I love your mural, and the rest of your home looks so warm and inviting, too. You gals do good work together.

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