Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Yours, mine, and ours, and, and....

The Family Dynasty for Jo

Ruth Elvira and Otto Laverne – birthed Grandma Martha who married Grandpa Isaac

Martha Lucille and Isaac Henry – birthed Mom Sharon

Sharon and 1st husband Charles – birthed Pam
Sharon and 2nd husband Dutch – birthed Bill
Sharon and boyfriend Michael – birthed Lori

My dad Jim and 1st wife Verna – birthed Mike and Marian - Verna died after giving birth to Marian

Sharon and 3rd husband (my dad) Jim – birthed Becky, Crystal, Tom, and adopted Judy

Sharon and 4th husband Larry – birthed Brian
Sharon and 5th common-law husband Dick - thank God, no children
Sharon and 6th husband Ted – birthed Kelly
Sharon and 7th husband JD – thank God to old to have children
Sharon and 8th common-law husband Duffy- thank God to old to have children

All brothers and sisters: Mike, Marian, Judy, Pam, Bill, Lori, Becky, Crystal, Tom, Brian, and Kelly.

I know this leaves you begging for a story....Oh, no, I don't want to go there. So, I'm referring you to a post Lori wrote back on 07/28/05. One thing Lori left out is our adopted sister Judy. Jim and Sharon adopted her when she was 15. Judy's mother committed suicide and she had no where to go. She was Marian's friend and Mom and dad legally adopted her so she would not be sent to a foster home. She lived with us until she was married at 17. The second thing she left out was Mom's drunk common-law husband Duffy (yes, he was the last one).

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fineartist said...

Please don't tell Judy that I left her out, I'd hate to hurt her feelings...

I'm going back in and putting Judy where she belongs now, but Duffy Huff, I am leaving the hell out, some things are just better blocked, ya know?

I know you do.

lovin from the sky to the ground, Lo one

Holly said...

Sometimes I forget that you have soooo many brothers and sisters. Your mom was really quite the breeder, wasn't she? :) Thank God she was, or we wouldn't have you and Lori.

Will you please, please, please blog about the time your sister (Pam, I think?) drugged your mom so she wouldn't get married again?


While I'm feeling nostalgic, I think I'll blog about when we first met, and how you became my proxy mama.

Love you more than Asian horror films,
holly hoo

Holly said...

Damn Becky. I am really missing you right now. Missing you more than I usually do.

I think I'm gonna cry.

Yep, I'm crying.

Sassy said...

Wow what a big family!

Anonymous said...

Wow. Just wow hon! Thanks for that run through!! It's going to take me a while to read get into my head...

I'll go through it again now...


fineartist said...

Hey hoo, I blogged about the time Pam doped mom, hmmm lemme see if I can find it....hang on....


Becky said the one thing she could remember that I didn't write was...mom saying, "You f*ckin' kids, (and she NEVER said the word f*ckin')what have you done to me now?

Poor mom.

Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, Beck, we really suck! Heeeeeeeeeeeeee.

I think Beck wants me to re post this mess...just for you hoo. xx, Lori

zilla said...

Becy-EEEEEE! This was my first belly-laugh in a long-assed day when what I needed most was a belly-laugh!

See, I see a bit of me in you,or a bit of you in me, when you go off with your honesty like that and write "thank God, no children" or "thank God, too old to have children"

because God knows, I would in SO many cases write the same danged thing!

(God does know best, doesn't he?)

Thank you for this! (and forgive me if I wasn't supposed to laugh at the "thank God" parts!)

beckyboop said...


I'm honest almost to a fault. Yep, no fluff with me. We do have that in common.


LZ Blogger said...

Wow... this was hard to follow eaven ready it S L O W L Y ! ~ jb///

Sir James E. Watkins said...

okay. I'm into it. I'm gettin' on that link now. But can I just stand here for a second?

okay. I'm good.


Jess said...

This just corn-fused the hell out of me! Damn fertile people..:p Glad it happened though..I like you and Lori alot!

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed strolling about your blog; Thank You!

Rain said...

I love your family. I think there is a book to be written in this post and Fine Artist's.

I am so glad you became a blogger Becky, you and Lori are two of my favorites online.

In spite of all the crazyiness in your upbringing, you both are so kind and generous.

I just love you both.


pearl said...

damn!! your mamma was really a fertile lady huh???

my aunt has, lemme see....9 kids and chronic back pain. when she got preggers with her second to last one, i said "aunt sherry, you DO know what a condom is right??" she was pretty pissed at me for that one...