Friday, June 02, 2006

The guy got shot! It was like a movie.

In my younger days....On one of my many adventures with one of my best friends Chris.....

We were out and gettin' drunk for about the third day in a row, we saw one of Chris's friends at the bar (Tony). We were havin' a great time dancin', singin', and jokin'. Tony, felt like a third wheel because Chris my friend, is a dude. Tony wanted to see if one of his old girl friends was home.

It was about one in the morning and we pulled up to this chick's apartment in Tony's '55 Chevy convertable (bad ass car!). Chris and I were waiting in the car when we heard a loud pop. Chris being my protective man friend yells, "Get down!" He grabs my head and shoves it down towards the floor of the car.

Suddenly Tony comes staggering from behind the apartment house (ya know, kinda like Fred Sanford during a fake heart attack). He says, very dramatically, "I've been shot!" He is holding the back of his neck to stop the blood where he had been shot. Chris said very dramatically, "Get in the car and I'll drive ya to the hospital!" Tony said, "Hell no, nobody's drivin' my car!" Yes, he did say that! Thank god, the hospital was only about four blocks away and with the exception of Tony's gunshot wound, we arrived safely.

Finally, Chris did drive Tony's car away because he had warrants and would not go in. So, I go in at Tony's side. He's bleeding and the medical staff rushes out and gets him on a gurny and puts in him a room to await a doctor. In the mean time, the cops come into the room to interigate. Damn, it turned out I had a waurrent out for my arrest (that's another story) and they drug me away in hand cuffs from Tony's bed.

It turns out Tony's old girlfriend had a new boyfriend. I never saw Tony again, but I knew he survived.

......................Several years later, about 22 years later, my husband was over visiting one of his friends. A man named tony was talking about the time he was shot and a girl named Becky was at his side and was arrested, whatever. Randy, my husband said, "That was my wife", and shot him again! .....Just kiddin'.

It turns out Tony was shot with a shotgun and had buck shot in his neck and still does. However, he is doing fine.


Cheryl said...

Bloody Hell!

Whoa, when you get asked for a story, you really come up with a story!

I'm stuck now, don't know whether to gasp and shudder or roll on the floor laughing!

beckyboop said...

Now that I can look back,it is funny. I know Chris and I laugh about it. Poor Tony.

pearl said...

i wanna hear the story about the warrant for your arrest, lol..

glad the guy was ok....

fineartist said...

I already told them about the time Pam got mom all thorazined out before her dinner with THE man, and his mother...down to the drool on her chin and the foot through the panty hose, but you and I both know there are plenty of stories in our family closet to tell, just from different perspectives....

Hey why don't you tell them about that room mate you had before college...Mark...wasn't he the one with the pubic hair collection, or was that John? I do remember that he tasered Theresa...and had a dog named face and used to read him pent house...come on refresh my memory.

I finally seem to be overcoming jet lag, or ef fat camp, one of the two. I feel almost human today, man, whew, I even went to mass.

Yah, I went to mass, I was up at seven oclock this morning, oh my jod, what's happening to me? Who am I? And who took my internal clock and put me on an early to bed and early to rise schedule?

Okay, so I slept ninety percent of the time when I was at your house. Man, I sure was some great company, wa'n't I? I'll have to take you guys up on that motorcycle ride next time I come into town, K?

Love you, and jod bless too...hehe.

Tell 3-D if he gets any cuter we are going to have to get drunk and cut his hair for him...Sheesh, no wonder you have girls calling your house at midnight. Tell the Wizrd thank you for me again for picking me up from the airport. Your man, he's a good one.

Lovey lovey, Lori

beckyboop said...
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fineartist said...

Oh and check out your profile, I added your picture, the one that little sweet girl took of you when she worked with you....yah, and if you don't want me messing around in your know, you might want to change your password, but hey, if you don't like what I've added just tell me, I'll fix it. I am the fixer ya know?

Mike's asleep in the chair, Samps is in his room, Anny/Rae went to pick up the baby, Aka/Mitch had a melt down again today with me; I ruined his day again, I am here typing in peace and I wish you were here.

fineartist said...

Hey pumpkin pie, when are you going to update? Sheesh.

Come on give us a little story, or a big one.

Hey tell us about the time you partied with Sam Kinison. Or,

"Where did you get this jacket?"


"Do I want it? Oh no I couldn't, it's too much, no...."

"I didn't say do you want it, I said Tijuana, and hell no you can't have it!"

Hey do you still have that jacket?
I'm babbling, it's early morning here, can you believe this sh*t? I am up at the butt crack of dawn and it's kinda nice.

Lovey lovey, Lori

fineartist said...

Hey beanarella cakes, did you forget how to log in again?

Log in with your name and password, they are in your cabinet above the computer if you can't remember your pass word.

Okay, here it is, Hit--I Power blogger (I know it sounds like cave people talk, hit it anyway.)

Then hit new post.

That's it chicky. You can do it.

Hey Jeana and Jodies daughter got married this Saturday,(she is so george, I mean beautimus) I have a pic on my blog, check it out. MOOEY, MOOEY, Lori cakes

fineartist said...

Where the hell are you?

Still breathing?

Me too.

fineartist said...

Okay becky boobs, mom called me today, I was taking a bath...I am not sure if she believed Samps or not, anyway, I don't seem to have her number anymore, You got it?

I suck, but you knew that right?

Writer Mom said...

Hi, Becky!


*My little sister has a blog for her band. I think I'll go over and leave her ten comments about family stuff. "And do you remember that time you pooped on the bathroom floor, three inches from the toilet, and I found you covered in your own feces with a big smile on yer face?"
See ya around! Glad Lori got you on here.

fineartist said...


I thought you said you were going to post something...Writing I love my motercycle does not qualify as a post. No.

(I don't wanna pickle, just wanna ride on my motercycle...and I don't wanna die, just wanna ride on my motercy....)

And don't worry I will never post about anything that remotely resembles a bathroom incedent.

zilla said...

Well, hells bells, looks like Zilla's late to the party! Gonna go read your most recent (soon as I'm done wetting my pants) and leave you a real comment!

Holly said...

I have to address a couple of things here. First to fineartist (hi lori! I've always wanted to meet you, please don't think I'm a stalker,but I love you sooooooo much in my imagination because of all the wonderful things Becky's told me about you and your guys' adventures together,and once you left a comment on a blog I no longer have, and that was really sweet and I appreciated it greatly), thanks so much for mentioning the story of Pam drugging your mom, that is a personal favorite of mine. Anytime I get to talk to Becky, I make her tell me that story again, and it always makes me smile. Secondly...well I guess there is no secondly...hmmm. Well. There you have it.

love ya,

fineartist said...

Hey Holly, I love you too, how could I not love you? Becky loves you, and she has impecable taste in people.

So cool to see you on blogger, it's a big ol' crazy bloggin' bunch here, you're gonna love it. xx, Lori